What Makes It Hard to Change

What Makes It Hard to Change

Many of us have been given news by our doctors that we need to
make some lifestyle changes to ensure continued good health.

These changes can include:

· Losing weight
· Exercising more
· Stopping smoking
· Reducing stress in our lives
· Reducing drinking

All of these are great suggestions and could improve our health.
The problem is most of us are not ready to make these changes
just because we hear they are helpful.

Prochaska in his book,What Makes It Hard to Change Articles Changing For Good, cites research that
of the people needing to make changes in areas like those
mention above only about 20% are ready to do it.

Why might that be?

There are a number of reasons we might not be ready to make
a change to improve our health. Here are just a few:

·We do not see it as a problem
·We see a problem but are not what to do to help
·We fear that we won’t be able to make the
the necessary changes and don’t want to risk failure
·We have tried before unsuccessfully so are
discouraged and feeling we can not make the
necessary changes

These are just a few reasons. The bottom line is they all lead
to the same result- doing nothing.

What can you do if you are feeling any of the above?

One thing is to remind yourself that just because you are not
ready to make choices now to live a healthier lifestyle, does
not mean you will not be able to make the changes in the future.

Most of us go through a period of time when we are not ready to
make changes we know are important. Use this time to learn about
the problem you are facing and what might be helpful to address
it. In the case of cholesterol find out more about it, and why it
is important to reduce it.

Giving yourself permission to take some time before moving into
action is important. It is not that you are not going to take action,
it is just that you are not ready…yet!

Remember, having the right diet, and getting enough exercise will
not only improve your health- IT WILL IMPROVE YOU LIFE.

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