Asbestos Related Diseases


Asbestos is used in over 3000 modern products and most people have suffered at least some degree of exposure to it at one point or another. Most asbestos exposure is limited to minute portions of well maintained building materials such as concrete, insulation and siding. Regular maintenance of these materials is important for preventing asbestos from degenerating into airborne fibers. Unfortunately, because asbestos is so widespread, it is impossible to compute the damage that even a small quantity can cause.

The lightweight nature of the asbestos particle facilitates airborne spreading of these deadly carcinogens. This is why most asbestos-related diseases affect the respiratory system. These are incurable diseases. Even tiny amounts of asbestos can inflict irreversible damage as symptoms usually only emerge 20 to 30 years down the road.

Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and lung cancer are consequences of prolonged asbestos exposure. Any contact with asbestos merits immediate medical consultation because treatment options and survival rates are greatly improved the earlier they’re detected. Unfortunately most asbestos-related conditions don’t show symptoms until the disease is terminally advanced. Most patients diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition rarely survive more than 18 months after diagnosis.

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