Ambulance 101


This is a true story about a young man, just out of siezure, that still maintained his sense of humor.

While working as a Paramedic on an ambulance in a fairly large Indiana city, we were called out to the local college for a seizure. Upon our arrival to the dorm room of a young male in his early twenties, we found him in his bed, just finishing up a grand mal seizure. After all of the appropriate on scene treatment, the usual oxygen, IV, and heart monitor, we loaded him onto the cot and started to transport him out to the awaiting ambulance. As we wheeled him down the hallway, he began to wake up.

To his alarm, he found himself on a moving bed and surrounded by strangers. Since there were about ten of us, including all of the firemen and ambulance personnel, he was very frightened, and asked “Who are you people?” I replied to him that we were paramedics and firemen, and that we were here to help him because he had just suffered a seizure. He then asked “What is going on?”, and from the back of the crowd, a fireman called out “Ambulance 101” Without hesitation the patient quickly replied, “Please take me by the admissions office on the way out.” When asked why, he then says “Because I am dropping this class!”

All in a days work

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