A Heart That Survived, My Personal Trial


For me, it all started a year ago in May. May 16, 2003 to be exact.
The thread mill was rolling, and I was feeling fine. Then my Doctor
asked,”how do you feel Mr. Williams”? I’m fine Doc, I answered.

Little did I know that this would be a life changing exprience for me
and my family.

Fifteen minuets later after a little more speed, and elevation on the
thread mill. I was now begining to feel the effects of the increased
speed. “How you feeling now Mr. Williams”, she(my doctor)asked. “I’m
Ok doctor” I replied. Her reply, and much to my surprised was, “well,
that’s not what the machine (EKG)is telling me”.

In that one single moment depression set in. although I didn’t
recognize it for what it was until much much later, I knew something
was different.

First, I was confused. What is she telling me? What’s she trying to say?
What does this mean? There had been no problems with my health before.

Medication History
I had been on a very popular “Atorvastatin” drug for over 4 years, and a
blood pressure drug for over 10 years. Both were low dosage medication.
My physical exams were done annually without fail. My Employer, and
because of my job position (high stress)it was a requirement.

So what had happened. For me, there were no answers.

Now here I am uncertain of the future, with very few options.

Stents Implants
Guess what, three days and two stent implants later, I was told to take
it easy for a couple of weeks, no heavy lifting, or strenuous activities.
Fine, I thought. I can handle that.

Heart Surgery
Five weeks later things are not going well at all. A return to the doctor
indicates that the stent implants had collapsed, and open heart surgery
was necessary NOW. Too alarmed to be afraid, my reaction was, oh hell!
here we go again.

I hadn’t abused my body, my health was always good/excellent. So what has
happened here.

The prognosis, plaque build up in the blood vessels leading to the heart.
The heart is strong and in good condition.

Here I am 10 months later with a triple by-pass inside my chest, having
completed Cardiac Rehabilitation, and wondering “how did I allow some-
thing like this to happen.

Reality Check
Looking back, I assumed I had done a good job of caring for my health.
…one meal a day, regular exercise, life time non-smoker, moderate use
of alcohol, no drug use, and no weight problems. It was all beyond my

Finally it dawned on me, I had done everything right with one excepttion,
I failed at montoring the type of food I ate.

The High Cost Of Health
Needless to say my medical cost and hospital bills were staggering to say
the least.

I’ve gone from two prscription drugs a day to six (6) prescription drugs
and two supplements. However, the cost of my medications is WAY DOWN,
thanks to an ONLINE PHARMACY. It keeps me from going broke on my
prescription drugs.

A Few Do’s And Don’ts For Your Health
…Do have your physical examinations done regularly.
…Do take your prescription drugs and supplements as required.
…Do listen to your Doctor

The Moral is: Don’t Take Your Health For Granted.

Regular exercise, and taking your medication is the first line of
defense and wins hands down everytime.

This article written by winston williams
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