Dangerous foods and everyday products in the home that are toxic


You might not believe how many dangerous items there are in the home, that are not classified as dangerous.

The first one is Margarine, this is unhealthy and does have toxic effects on your system.

Margarine is made by adding Hydrogen to the fat molecules to make them more saturated, raising the melting point so it remains solid for spreading at room temperature. This method is called Hydrogenation, it became popular, because this type of oil does not spoil or go off quite so readily as regular oil. Apparently you can leave Margarine out in the open for years and it will not develop mould, neither will it be touched by insects or even rodents, it appears that only humans are foolish enough to eat the stuff.

The American National Cancer Institute suggests that 98% of cancers may be linked to chemical exposure. 884 neuro-toxic chemicals are used in cosmetic, and the perfume and toiletries industry, One of these chemicals is SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE (SLS). In the United

States of America, safety sheets are available on SLS and they state:- “In case of contact, immediately flush with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes, remove contaminated clothing and footware. Ensure adequate flushing of the eyes and eyelids, If inhaled remove to fresh air and call a doctor.

The main industrial use for SLS is as a ingrediant in floor Dewaxers,engine degreasers, garage floor cleaners and agent orange.
It is harmful if inhaled, swallowed, absorbed through the skin, it causes skin irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Mainly it is a lathering agent and is used in small amounts in nearly all bathroom products, soap, shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, shaving creme’ toothpaste and washing up liquid, that is just a few of its uses.

Most of these items can be used on a number of occasions per day.

SLS can cause cataracts in adults, delays the healing of wounds, builds up in the heart, liver and brain, causes the skin to flake, and it is so caustic that it actually corrodes the hair follicle and impairs the ability to grow hair. We are all using these products daily, it is so difficult not to use them, this is all part of the modern world, all we can really do to help, is to try and get the large companies to to use less toxic substances.

The contents of this article could seriously improve your health.

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