Top 10 Gym Mistakes


For someone who just started exercising, the right guidance is critical. If you are a newcomer, the first thing you want to do is exercise in a safe and effective fashion. Many individuals avoid the gym due to the fear of making a mistake in public. For the weight room rookie, there is nothing more demoralizing than the disheartening smirks of veteran trainees. Mistakes start to happen, and these prevent you from getting optimal results. In fact, it increases the chances of injury!

If you are considering joining a gym / are a gym rookie, then you must avoid the most common mistakes. Try these tips – before you know it, you could be teaching a thing or two to uncompromising ‘experts’ in your local gym or fitness center.

Presenting the most common mistakes made by rookie trainees.

1. Incorrect technique.(dumbbell or barbell).

Always speak to a gym instructor / experienced weight trainee to guide you and demonstrate the correct manner to perform exercises. If you have difficulty in lifting a particular weight, then don’t. Just practice with a light weight for the first 1-2 weeks.

2. Exercising on an empty stomach.

When exercising to shape muscles, it is a bad idea to enter the gym in a fasting state. The body needs energy to lift weights and this energy comes from food, specifically the food you eat prior to the training session. Some light carbohydrates (rice, bread, fruits) is a good idea prior to the training session.

3. Insufficient gear.

Always carry a bag containing a spare set of clothes, a towel, bathroom accessories and a water bottle for an effective workout.

4. Lifting weights too quickly.

When in the gym, the best way to lift weights is in a slow and controlled fashion. Avoid fast, jerky movements since they can cause injuries.

5. Holding your breath.

The breathing pattern for lifting is to exhale on the positive phase (pushing or pulling the weight) and inhale on the negative (lowering the weight). Holding your breath can raise your blood pressure and, if you hold it long enough, cause fainting.

6. Being too proud to ask for assistance.

Work with a friend / ask for assistance when using heavy weights. In gym parlance, this individual is called a ‘spotter’. Gym trainees are always more than willing, and it’s much better to ask quietly for a spot than to scream loudly for help once you’re in trouble.

7. Trying to ‘spot reduce’ certain muscles, such as the abdominals.

The best gadgets and hundreds of crunches won’t transform your legendary flab into equally fabulous abs. For best results, incorporate aerobics exercises and sensible nutrition into your daily plan.

8. Overdoing it.

Resist the temptation to lift as much as you can or overdo the treadmill the first few times in the gym. Gradually work your way up.

9. Not drinking enough water.

Drink at least 20 ounces of water for every hour of working out, and sip water continuously, before you’re thirsty. By the time you’re conscious of thirst; the body is already partially dehydrated. This can adversely affect stamina and concentration.

10. Relying on the ‘best looking’ people for advice.

Just because someone is fit does not mean that they have used the best methods, but it does mean that have been exercising the longest. Consult a professional personal trainer for best results

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