The Best Fitness Equipment For Your Home Workouts


Working out at home has so many advantages over traveling to a gym or training facility. It’s certainly less expensive, it can be done around your own schedule, and there is no wasted travel time. Besides that home fitness workouts let you accomplish your exercise routines in a controlled environment with no interference from the weather. Because of all of the benefits of home fitness programs, it’s no wonder that so many people now choose to workout at home. Here is some of the best fitness equipment that you can choose from for your fitness workouts:

1. Treadmills are the most popular fitness machines by far. Estimates are that over 11 million people in the US have one. They solve the old problem of walking and running outdoors, the weather. Everyone knows that walking and running are great overall aerobic activities for your health, and experience throughout the years has proven that, but it’s not always practical to run or walk outside. Modern treadmills let you set your own pace and angle of incline as you go, and many even come with programs that let you more closely simulate an outdoor walk or run electronically.

2. Elliptical trainers are fast catching on with many, especially those that have sensitive joint pain from impact exercising. No exercise is good for you in the long run if you can’t do it regularly because your joints won’t allow it, so the elliptical trainer helps solve that problem by combining the motion of a cross country skiing machine with that of a stair stepper, and all of it is done smoothly, with very little impact.

3. Home gyms are very popular these days too as they let an exerciser target specific muscle groups in the body through resistance and build strength and conditioning as a result. There are several different kinds of home gyms that run the gamut from inexpensive to very costly, so you need to examine them all and see what will meet your personal needs best, and also fit in the space allotted at home.

4. Yoga and pilates are great compliment exercise programs that can work along with a cardio routine to help promote overall body conditioning and flexibility. As we grow older our bodies are nowhere near as elastic as they used to be and the movements and poses of yoga and pilates can help bring much of that suppleness back, and maintain it afterward.

There is no one best fitness equipment or routine that fits everyone. That’s why it’s impossible to make a blanket suggestion of which equipment to use that will do the job for every person. You may have to try out different pieces of equipment and different workout routines before you find the one that fits you best, but your improved mental and physical health will be well worth the effort taken.

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