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Walking is fun, easy, and beneficial to your health! After years of swimming miles and miles in pools all over the country, it was a joy to find an easier way to get a little daily exercise. If you choose walking as your daily exercise, you can wear clothes you already own, begin the exercise right at your doorstep, and you get to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. There are no membership fees, you can bring a friend, listen to your favorite music, and even talk on your cell phone!

Shopping malls love walkers; most malls will even open their doors early for walkers. They know the walkers are likely to do a little business once the shops open, and besides – it is good advertising. Many cities have “greenways” – paved pathways that journey throughout the city – usually along swaths of land that are unusable for other purposes. Parks frequently have special walkways that allow you to experience nature and get some exercise too.

Many experts have described walking as one of the best ways to exercise – it is low stress on your body, and provides a great cardiopulmonary workout. There are psychological benefits too – not only do you have a sense that you are doing something good for your health, but when you go for those extended walks – you can boost your endorphins and enjoy a sense of well being.

The only real “equipment” you will need for walking is a good pair of walking shoes. To maintain proper care of your feet – you should buy a shoe that is lightweight, breathable, flexible, and like any other shoe – one that fits well and doesn’t cause blisters. You probably already have a pair that will work perfectly well, but if you plan on a regular walking regimen, you should go ahead and invest in a good pair of shoes designed specially for your style of walking.

Many people enjoy watching the “speed walkers”. The ones who do it professionally are a true work of art in motion. Walkers who are just walking fast, can provide great comic relief to an otherwise ordinary day, with all that local motion. From our vantage point on top of a hill overlooking the street, we enjoy watching the “resolution walkers” who begin their exercise program on New Year’s Day. A day, a week, or a month later – they are usually nowhere to be found.

Walking is good for you and your body, inside and out. You can do it anywhere, and it is a low cost form of exercise. So, put on a good pair of walking shoes and go take a hike!

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