Exercise! Or Go Start An Ant Farm – How Boring Is That


In order to live a long healthy life, you must have a strong healthy body. There is no way around it. Proper dieting and exercise are a MUST. The good news is, it is not an impossible task. Like climbing a mountain, it will require some sweat equity. What a great investment of your time!

Just like building your financial strength, it is your responsibility to build your physical strength. No one can do it for you. We can encourage you and give you suggestions, but you must do it.

Two different types of exercises are required to become fit, strength training and cardio. The purpose of this article is not to go into the HOW’S, but to encourage you to get started and make exercise a part of your daily life.

My wife and I were headed down the wrong path physically. As health store owners, we knew better and had in the past been physically fit to a point. We had done it with cardio only. When we bought our business exercise stopped for several years and we became unfit.

In 2000, we heard of a fitness program called, Body for Life Challenge, by Bill Phillips. His challenge, “Do my program or go start an ant farm.” We took the challenge instead of the ant farm. In three months this one event turned our lives COMPLETELY AROUND.

Allow me to brag on my wife a little. Her dress size dropped from 12 to 4 in 12 weeks. Her weight dropped from 132 lbs. to 110 lbs. You would think that with such a change in dress size, her weight lost would have been more.

This is the beauty of combining weight training and cardio (which she had never done before), fat is burned and muscle build. Muscle takes up less body space than fat so her dress size dropped more than her weight, respectively.

We encourage you to go out and buy the book, Body for Life, by Bill Phillips, read it, understand it and get started with your transformation. The book is your road map. Or you could go start an ant farm. How boring is that!

You may say, “I am already fit.” Do the program and you will see that you may not be as fit as you think. If you know that you are not fit, then you most definitely need to do the program. For every mountain there is an excuse not to climb it. If you are not fit, it is those excuses that got you were you are today. We encourage you to climb this mountain. The view is worth the sweat it takes to climb it. We wish you the best!

Fred Fishburne and his wife are owners of ProHealth Nutrition, Inc., a very successful health store in McDonough, Ga. Visit at: [http://prohealthnut.com]

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