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Cycling is the sport which needs like any other sport time, sacrifice and dedication. Cycling nowadays is still considered a recreation or a professional sport. Millions of people find that cycling is a great way to move faster and without any fuel problem.

A bicycle has different components which are: the wheel, gears, brakes. The wheels is an important element which allows the rider to move with great speed and efficiency. The gears allow the cyclist to pedal at an efficient and comfortable way. The first widely used breaking system was known as the plunger. It first appeared on the high-wheelers of the 1800s.

Other known breaking systems are: coaster brake and caliper. The coaster brake is still used throughout the world and it works by reversing the motion on the pedals. The most popular brake for road and mountain bicycles is the caliper rim brake. The caliper brakes are lightweight and inexpensive.

An important place in cycling is wind resistance. The efficiency of the aerodynamic is (the force air pressure and direct friction) the element which permits the cyclist to travel much faster, with less effort. But the faster the cyclist goes, the more wind resistance he experiences, and the more energy he must exert to overcome it.

The bicycle has played a great role in changing the women’s fashion in the late 1800s. A very important element in the performance of a cyclist is the food he eats. It requires a proper balance of nutrients. An important place has the water. Losing as little as 2 percent of the body’s fluid can affect cycling performance and severe dehydration can cause heat exhaustion, stroke and sometimes death. Cyclists drink a few cups of water before riding and during exercise All the cyclist’s power are in the legs. Muscle attached to the thighbone and the shinbone do almost all the work.

Cycling opened up new horizons for people in the nineteenth century especially for women, and can be seen now also in the developing world. Finally, competitive cycling provided one of the earliest forms of mass spectator sport in modern times.

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