Bicycle Abs Exercises Are A Good Path To The Visible Abs


So,Guest Posting you’re here to find out and learn something about the bicycle abs exercise?

Studies sad, that bicycle exercise is really a good abs exercise that makes a great impact on your abs. When you perform this exercise, you’re targeting all abdominal muscles. All 4 groups included. Exercises consist of two angles, which target precise muscle groups, so you get better results, and effective abdominal training.

Everybody can do bicycle exercise, even beginners. You don’t have to go to the gym, just do it at your own home. I will show you the three basic variations for bicycle abs exercise. If you don’t have strong abs then you should start with the beginner bicycle exercise. As you progress, you could change the exercise and start implementing the normal bicycle exercise. After that, try the advanced version of bicycle exercise. Here are these three versions:

Beginner bicycle exercise

The beginner bicycle exercise is good for beginners, all you need is a little of your free time and a floor. The procedure is the same, as the normal bicycle exercise, but you do it half away. You don’t connect legs with your elbows. It has little less effect than normal bicycle version.

Normal bicycle exercise

The normal bicycle exercise is for intermediate fit people. It targets both abdominal groups, lower and upper abs.

If you want a good-looking abs, then this is the perfect exercise. Here is the procedure, step by step: Lie on the floor (on your back), and bent your knees for 90 degrees. Move your right leg in the direction of your left armpit and then do the opposite sides. It should be like pumping motion, as you rotate your torso left and right.

Advanced bicycle exercise

This variation will provide the best stress on your abs with the great results if you become fit enough to do it. It’s a slow variation of the normal bicycle exercise. Doing it slower makes it a lot harder, so do it only after you concluded the beginners and normal versions.

Here is the procedure: Lie on your back, and bent your knees 90 degrees. Always have your feet a little elevated from the ground. Put your hands behind your ears, and start by lifting your shoulders and your head from the ground. At the same time, slowly try to connect your left elbow/armpit, with your right leg. Hold for two seconds and then do the opposite side.

So, you’re now ready to start implementing these three bicycle exercise variations. Just pick the one that suits you the most. Be aware that you’ll need to balance your diet, and train regularly if you want to see the best results.

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