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The cable crossoveris an efficient exercise designed to work out the pectoralis Major. This one is a potential building exercise that helps shape the upper body well. As this one is an isolation exercise,Guest Posting it is easy to perform for everyone. 

There are a lot of people who have never practiced cable crossover before. They also do not know any helpful variations for this exercise. If you are one of them, here’s all you need to know about this incredible exercise today!

The holy grail of all upper-body exercises

Whether you are a beginner or a novice, cable crossover is a potential exercise for you anyway. This isolation exercise is practiced on a cable machine and is very helpful. A lot of people assume that it is difficult to work out on a cable crossover machine. But if you follow the steps correctly, you will only be an inch away from doing it well.

Here’s how to perform the low cable crossover

 1. Attach two single grips to two low cable pulleys. 

 2. Grab both the handles and stand in the middle of the machine.

 3. Place one foot forward and slightly bend your knees.  

 4. Now, raise both the cables upward with arms extended to the midline of the body. Contract your chest at the same time. Once you are in this position of the exercise, breathe out. 

 5. Gradually, lower your arms back down to the starting position and inhale.   6. Repeat the lowcable crossover a few times for the best benefits.

How to perform a reverse cable crossover?

The reverse cable crossover is another isolation exercise that you can perform for the utmost benefits. This one prevents bad posture, prevents the risk of injury and also promotes strong shoulders. You can practice this exercise to work out your shoulder muscle, posterior deltoid and upper back. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and workout accordingly. Once you do that for a couple of days, results will be evident.  How to do it- Stand in front of a cable machine. Hold each handle with the opposing hands, leaving your hands crossed. The right cable with the left hand and the left cable with the right hand. Hold your arms straight in front of you at shoulder height. Put one leg behind the other for stability. Keep the core tight and your back straight. Using your rear delts, pull your arms to the sides and back as far as possible. Your arms should be in line with your back. Pause for a moment and then return to the start position. Do the reverse cable crossover exercise a few times for desired effects.

Best cable crossover alternative to try now

Although performing the cable crossover exercise is no big deal today, it can be a bit difficult for people to understand the workout. This is why many people at the gym are looking for cable crossover alternatives to beat the hassle. This way, they do not have to worry about performing the exercise but receive the benefits anyway. Yes, there are some incredible alternatives for you to try out in case the workout is not what you are looking for. Here is a list of the exercise alternatives to try right away! 

Incline Dumbbell Fly

If you are looking to focus on your upper pecs, this exercise is all you need. Lay down on the incline bench, with dumbbells in hands, supported on your knees. Position your body in neutral alignment with your chest. Extend your arms to the side. Slightly bend your elbows and raise your arms. Your hands must be directly above your chest. Return your arms down and repeat the exercise. This is an impeccable cable crossover alternative for a reason. 

Flat bench dumbbell fly

If you have a flat bench and a pair of dumbbells, this exercise is all you need. Grab a pair of dumbbells and lay on a flat bench. Make sure it is supporting the weight on your knees. Start with the dumbbells in your hands, arms extended over your chest. Slightly bend your elbows, bring your arms to a slow, and your elbows are at a back level. Return your arms to the start position once that is done. This is how you can perform this exercise without a cable crossover machine.


The cable crossover is a potential exercise that you can try out right away for a well-toned body. Don’t miss out on the workout mentioned above. 

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