Why Water Aerobics is Better For Some People


Water aerobics is one of the many types of aerobics exercises available today. Aerobic actually means with oxygen and aerobics exercises make use of the large muscle groups in our body in order to maintain them over a period of time and aerobics are also performed in a rhythm. There are many variations of aerobics exercises and one of them is the aerobics exercise which is performed in chest level deep water.

Water aerobics is a very fun way of working out especially during the hot weather. It also helps relieve the hard work from other regular exercises. It is not just splashing about in the water but is a wonderful way to burn away your fat and build strength while increasing the capacity to perform aerobics. It can greatly benefit people who may be suffering from arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

People usually think that water aerobics is only about swimming in the water. However, this is not true. Water aerobics is a great exercise routine for fitness novices. It is affective for those who want to burn extra calories or just become stronger and be more flexible.

The resilience that the water provides the users will result in less strain on their joints and muscles. It is not necessary for you to be a swimmer to participate in this aerobics. This is because usually they are formed in waist and chest level water.

Water aerobics exercise can be performed by anyone and by all age groups or fitness levels. This is because minimum stress is being placed on the joints during aquatic exercising as only 10 to 15 percent of your body weight is not supported by water. So, when compared with regular non-water exercising, it is thus an ideal choice. It is suitable not only for healthy people but is also very suitable for those who may have a medical condition. People suffering from arthritis, strokes neck and back problems as well as obese people can greatly benefit from.

Nowadays, the swimming pool is no longer the sole preserve of swimmers. Water aerobics exercises have changed this concept. It is now instrumental in improving the cardiovascular fitness of people. It also results in better endurance due to the use of muscles during the routines. As a result of the resilience that water provides and also the support that the body receives from water, there are now fewer worries about getting muscle, joint ore bone injuries. This is because it is usually performed in chest-high water which even non-swimmers can participate in.

Water aerobics is not just simple movements that can be done by anyone without guidance. You have to put in hard work to get the most out of every session. So, dedicate yourself to learning the movements and practice regularly. Dedicating your extra time to learning more will benefit you because the classes will become more interesting as you advance. If you like to push yourself, you can also integrate running exercises in your routine. This will push you to higher extents.

However, it is best that you take it slow in the beginning. This is so that you can steadily and gradually increase the strenuous degree of movements later as you advance so as not to shock your muscles.

When performing water aerobics in water level higher than chest level, certain flotation devices can be used. Besides, there are also other equipments such as kick boards and hand buoys that can be used. A session of water aerobic exercise will usually last forty to fifty minutes. This includes time being allocated for warming up and cooling off as well as stretching routines.

As mentioned before, the main aim of the water aerobics is to improve the cardiovascular condition of a person performing it. Due to the resistance of the water, these exercises will surely help better a person’s strength while improving flexibility. This in turn could improve the muscular endurance abilities and help the person become more balanced.

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