Treadmill Workout Maximization Secrets


Here are some secret treadmill tips that you may or may not have known. While they might sound a little basic they can mean the difference between getting the maximum benefit from your treadmill workout and not.

If you have not already realized it at some point, it is a lot easier to run when your mind is focused on other things besides what you are doing. You would not believe how fast a forty minute workout goes when I am watching a basketball game on television or a show that I have never seen before. I am still burning calories, still sweating, still getting tired but my brain is focused elsewhere. What you focus on expands so at the very minimum I would highly recommend investing into an i pod so that you can listen to your favorite tunes while running. And when you buy your i pod please make sure that its the kind where the two speakers are connected with a headband. The others look cool but fall off. People are are members of gyms that have televisions built into their treadmill are also at a huge advantage that members of gyms with televisions up high close to the ceilings or none at all.

Second, drink at least a bottle of water before you work out. It will have your body working at peak performance when you start to run. I have done tests and have found that I can run at least 20-30% more when I am properly hydrated. None of us drink as much water as we should throughout the day and when we run we loose a lot of fluids. If you have not drank enough water before your workout then you are not going to be able to go the distance that you are actually capable of and will want to quit after ten minutes of rigorous exercise.

Finally, and I have saved the best for last, run uphill. I cannot stress this advice enough. I just learned this six months ago when I joined a fabulous gym where some great trainers told me what to do to burn the maximum amount of weight. Running fast at little to no incline is great cardio, great for your heart, but it does not burn many fat calories. Running burns mainly carbohydrates. When you run you are burning sugars and carbs in your body. When you walk at a large incline your body taps into fat calories almost immediately. Look at people who climb mountains and tell me if you ever see anyone of them with an ounce of fat on their bodies. Uphill walking is the absolute best exercise imaginable for losing fat calories.

Follow these easy three helpful tips and you should get more from your treadmill workout. I am convinced that the treadmill is the best way possible for a person to loose weight. No other cardio machine allows people to burn as many calories. With this advice hopefully you will be able to maximize your workouts and get more out of your regular trips to the gym. Just remember that you can work out as hard as your want by 90% of the fight is still what you put into your mouth each day and not many workouts can burn the calories found in a McDonald’s value meal.

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