Outstanding Cardio in Your Garage – 2 Great Cardio-Blasting Drills You Can Do Right in Your Garage!


Most of us stay so busy with family and work that we don’t have the time or the motivation to pack a bag and drive to the gym. Well the good news is that to get into great shape you don’t have to be. Allow yourself a minute to read and learn about how you can achieve amazing cardiovascular fitness by going no further than moving your car out of the garage and engaging in these cardio routines.

1. Military Style Jumping Jacks: That’s right, I said jumping jacks! Now you may think you know how to do jumping jacks, but the only way I know is military style. The difference in this style of jumping jacks and everyone else’s style is the count. To begin this great cardio blasting drill stand straight with your feet together and your hands by your side. From here jump to spread your feet wider than shoulder width while simultaneously raising your arms overhead. Immediately return to the original position to start all over again for the next one. The key here though is that with the military style jumping jack you do at least 3 in a row before that can count as a single rep! My challenge to you to gain superior cardiovascular conditioning is to knock off 100 of these bad boys without stopping!

2. Jump Rope: The jumping rope cardio workout is another fabulous way to get a great workout and to develop hand/eye coordination at the same time. Its all about keeping the right pace. Feel free to include the jump rope into your cardio program along with the jumping jacks. The beauty is that both of these drills can be done independently, used as interval bouts, or can be involved in a total conditioning circuit! My challenge for you with the rope is to jump for 3 minutes nonstop, rest for a minute and do another 3 minutes! Be strict with your rest time and complete 3 rounds of 3 minute jumping intervals. If you want superior cardiovascular conditioning and to promote some serious weight-loss then these 2 drills are just for you!

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