Top Fat-Burning Cardio Workouts, Uncovered


Did you ever wonder what type of cardio burns the most calories? If you really want to lose weight faster, you must know the top cardio workouts to burn fat in the most effective way. Combined with a well-balance diet, this can burn many calories that will definitely enhance your digestion and overall health.

The question that almost everyone wants to know the answer is indeed: What type of Cardio burns the most calories? This is because everyone wants to be healthy and lose weight as soon as possible, which is actually good, but not to the point of excessive exercise and severe weight loss in a week. This may put their health at risk. The ideal weight loss is about 3 – 5 kg. in a month. Anything more than that may be too dangerous already especially when lost in a shorter span of time.

There are many exercises for weight loss such as weight training, cross training, aerobic exercise, and yoga classes among others. However, they say that the best exercise is still the cardiovascular exercise because you can do this in a more consistent manner, and the best type is the interval cardio workout. This simply means that you combine one exercise with another in a set of time intervals. In this way, you will shed those extra pounds off faster because you are actually doing more than one cardio at a set interval.

There are actually two types of this exercise: the slow and steady, and the high intensity. Examples of the former includes walking and slow bicycling while the latter includes swimming, step aerobics, rowing, skiing, and rock climbing. The top three types include jumping rope, sprinting, and spinning.

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