Three Key Rules to an Effortless Effort to Losing Weight With an Aerobic Work Out


Aerobics are great for getting your body into shape, lose weight and staying healthy. The brilliant thing about aerobics is it strengthens your breathing and heart while helping you to lose weight by burn fat fast. The majority of people do not no, or understand how to use an aerobic work out to gain maximum results. The key to losing weight with an aerobic workout is intensity. What I mean by intensity is to give your body that extra push to gain your sweat point. You know when your working out and you feel that you can push a little more but your minds resisting. You feel you can give a little more to gain a good work out. With practice this will come easy to you so don’t worry at first if you don’t understand what I mean. To gain the most out of your work out follow these simple rules and watch the weight fall of.

First Step: Your first step is to find your sweet point. You’ll find this through your intensity of your workout. Make sure your not over doing it if you are to intense with your work out you may injure yourself and may not see results. On the other hand if you do not work out intensely enough to gain your sweet point you, will not see the results you want. You will not lose weight or tone your body. The Key here is to find the balance. You need you find the programme that has the right intensity for you. With new exercise get the balance between weights and speed. Make sure the work out is hard but not impossible. If its to hard or impossible you will get dis-heartened and will not look forward to working out. It is important to note the more you work out the more tolerance you have so keep a check every week to see where your tolerance level is at. Make necessary changes when needed.

Second Step: Is to not over do it. A hugh problem with working out is over doing it. A rule of tomb is to have an intense work out, but be safe. Under training will not help you to lose weight, you need to build your intensity. You need to push your intensity a little every time but not to much. The result if you push your intensity to much is vomiting which may cause injury to your body. Plus if you push yourself that much, more than likely you wont feel like working out again. How will you know your at your intensity level your body will tell you. Some times our mind tell us we have enough and our body is able to go a bit further. With practice this gets easer to understand so don’t worry just get started. So how will you know if your training properly? It is important to know when training properly your muscles should be the ones that feel the pain not your joints. So look out for soar muscles and not sore joints. While working out you should always keep your breathing consistent. Never be short of breath. A good idea is to take breaks use lower weights or lower speed to get back on track. You will gain a lot out of your work out by doing this. If you ever get injured in a work out make sure to call for help from those around you. It is always a good idea to work out with a partner for safety reasons and it also makes the process of losing weight more fun. A work out should be fun and enjoyable if your not enjoying it you wont want to go back to it the next day. A fun workout is in your control. What ever workout you do, make sure to get that intensity to get the sweat point.

Step Three: Some people expect a lot when starting out. The key to sustaining weight loss is to build up your intensity. Instead of jumping in at the deep end. When you are starting to exercise, you won’t be able to suddenly run the New York marathon! Building up slowly will help prevent injury, it will also help you to find a sweat point your body is comfortable with, keeping the exercise fun and achievable so your not dreading tomorrows work out. To find success in your work out slowly build your work out and be consistent each day repeat the steps you did the day before this will help you tone quicker. After a week or two build more intensity after a month change routine so you wont get board. Remember you want this to be an enjoy able experience. Make your work out an effortless effort.

SO in order to have an aerobic work out that works. The three simple steps are build up your intensity to gain a sweat point. Make sure you don’t over do it. Always remember safety. Start of slowly your not going to run the New York marathon the first day.

Lasting thoughts find a work out that you enjoy and make it fun. A work out should be an effortless effort Enjoy!

My main goal is to help people lose weight with effortless effort and have fun while doing it. Everyone wants an attractive body. I have found simple tools that can help you achieve the body you want. These tools helped me. I have gained so much from it especially my confidence. Which is truly amazing.

Enjoy and have fun!

Orga Gael


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