The Perfect Cardio Workout


All the infomercials and glossy ads in the magazines promise you near ‘perfect’ results with their programs.  Is there such a thing as a perfect results from a perfect workout?

If you check out the late-night infomercials,Guest Posting you’re likely to find a few trying to sell some sort of exercise gizmo, contraption, or program.  Usually, these things are either ab gadgets, or cardio workout programs.
They all promise the same thing – a “perfect cardio workout”.  

This is the workout that will get you instant results – pounds lost, inches dropped, smaller clothes worn…all with a 30-day money back guarantee.

There’s only one problem – there’s no such thing as a “perfect cardio workout”.  There are workouts that work, and others that work really.  Some cardio workouts even work really well for everybody.  But nothing is “perfect” – at least not for everybody.  
That doesn’t mean you can’t find your own personal perfect cardio workout, though.  But what might a perfect cardio workout be?

Now, I can hear some guy out there grumbling: “Ok, what the hell is ‘Everything’ supposed to mean?” Fine. If you don’t like that answer, how about this one: Nothing. Now, I can hear that same guy out there: “Listen up, smart-guy…” Let me explain.
Let’s look at another quick example. Have you ever seen somebody who just got a new workout routine (be it from magazine, internet, friend, etc.), and was all anxious to try it out, only to find that three or four weeks down the road, that he didn’t make nearly the same gains as did the source he got it from did? The reason? We’re all individual, thus we all respond to training differently.

Now, you might be wondering: “What about that ‘Everything’ and ‘Nothing’ comment from before?” Well, I say “Everything,” because just about any workout routine might be the perfect cardio workout – but just for somebody else. I say “Nothing,” because you may actually never find your personal perfect cardio workout.  Again, that DOES NOT mean you can’t or won’t make phenomenal gains…it just means you’re routine may never be “perfect.”

How do you find your perfect cardio workout?  The first thing to do is to start with a good, known to work program or methodology for a base. Using the basic tenants/facets of the program you choose, design and start using a “basic” program (relative to your training experience, of course) for yourself.

Once you’ve “settled in” some on your “base” routine, start to experiment. See what your body can and can’t handle. Don’t be afraid to “push the envelope” some (more people, I believe, undertrain than overtrain, but that’s another topic). If you’re still making gains, then continue to experiment. If your gains cease, go back and analyze your training (a training log can be helpful here) and figure out what changed and when they stopped. Adjust your routine accordingly.

Find your own perfect cardio workout. Once you begin to think for yourself and control your training, then that’s when the really good gains will come.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard.

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