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One of the excuses I get a lot from people who don’t exercise is they say “I hate going to the gym, I feel out of place, out of shape and self conscious”. Or they would say “the gym is too expensive, I just can’t afford it”. Still other say, “the opening hours for the gym are not convenient for my busy schedule”.

These are all legitimate concerns by the way and deter many people from joining a gym. But I am here to tell you that there is a way for you to get the workout that you need, without having the above mentioned problems to deal with.

For most people the thought of walking into a gym for the first time, with all those “seasoned trainers, “complex equipment”, well tone bodies, fit looking people can be a scary and daunting thought. Wouldn’t you know it, this is the number one reason most people will give for not joining a gym. These people feel intimidated by others who they think are secretly laughing at there fitness level or appearance.

Most of the time this fear is unfounded and baseless, but this fact renders little comfort to those who “fear the gym”.

The worst thing to do would be to avoid exercising entirely, and use your “fear of the gym” as a mental pacifier. There is an answer for your woes, I highly recommend aerobics workout DVDs or tapes that you can pop into your DVD or video player right in the comforts of your own home and get just as good a workout as you would in a gym.

This is an excellent way to get your workout going, to shed some pounds and to get in shape. This is not a precursor to going to a gym, but rather an alternative. You no longer have to worry about any one watching you, or making fun of you, and you can go at your own pace. You can stop rewind the tape DVD as much as you want and not worry about holding up the aerobics class. It is like having your own personal fitness trainer right there with you in your living room.

Think of all the money you would save in gym membership fees if you workout at home. Aerobics DVDs are readily available and very cheap these days. You can get a generalized Aerobics workout DVD that will work your entire body or you can get specialized workout DVD that target a specific body area. These aerobics DVDs can be rotated to prevent boredom and mixing up your workout will ensure that you are constantly challenged as you move closer towards your fitness or weight loss goal.

Having your aerobics DVDs and workout tapes in your own home will allow you to workout on your schedule, when it’s most convenient for you. You no longer have to rely on your local gym’s opening hours to get your workout. Having said that it is important to stick with a regular accruing, set workout schedule, this will help you stay focus and less likely to slack off on your workouts routine.

If you are just starting out on your workout then you will need to choose a aerobics DVD that is not too advanced, start with one that has basic aerobics steps so you can follow along with relative ease, remember the more you do the better you will become and you can graduate to moderate and then to advance. You want to make sure that your workouts challenge you physically, that way your body will become more efficient at burning fat and you will be on your way to reaching your fitness goal.

Speaking of fitness goal, before you begin make sure to check with your doctor to ensure that it’s OK to start an exercise regiment. Once you get the all clear form your doctor, you must put together a workout schedule and plan. This is very important because you want to stay on track to reach your goals. Before you get started you should record things like you weight, the measurement of your arms, legs, waist, hip buttocks chest, also try to find out you BMI of body mass index and your fat % ratio. This will give you a starting point and as you progress through your workout you can record your improvements, this is a very big moral booster and motivational tool.

Make small achievable goals and record them in your journal as you reach them, once you reach your goal, it is time to set new goals and continue with your aerobics workout. It is a great idea to have a workout buddy or partner as you can help to hold each other accountable during your aerobics training routine.

Eventually you would want to incorporate simple weights into your aerobic workout routine as strength training is vital for over all health and fitness. Building and strengthening muscles and bones will prevent injuries during your workout and in your daily busy live in general, muscle burn more fat so build some muscles and this will improve your bodies ability to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight to height ratio.

So forget the fashion show and those bulky intimidating gym equipment, save your hard earn dollars and time by doing aerobics workout in the comforts of your own home.

Health and Fitness is not a Fad but a lifestyle,
Steve Robertson.

Steve Robertson is the owner of the website [] and is a health and fitness consultant and health blogger. Visit his site to review his top pick of aerobics dvds online and to find the best prices for workout videos.

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