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Getting in shape has never been easier or more fun. Gone are the days of sweatbands, leotards and 80s aerobics-now we see sequins, dance shoes and military-style workouts. Check around your home town for one of these classes and shape up that body while meeting new people, developing new skills, and taking your exercises to a new level.

Bellydancing-Through dance studios across the nation and even within gyms, bellydancing has become a phenomenon. With sequined costumes, beautiful colored fabrics, and belly-baring tops, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to India while you shimmy your waist away. These classes incorporate seductive music and sexy moves all the while you burn off calories.

Ballroom dancing-With the worldwide success of shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, people are running to dance studios to learn the salsa, fox trot, and waltz. It’s the perfect workout for a mix of cardio and developing posture-you will strengthen the legs, hips, back and arms as you move around the floor with your “frame.” If you are shy, this is a fabulous way to meet new people, as you dance with a member of the opposite sex and make conversation at the same time.

Boot Camp-Everywhere you turn you see signs marketing Boot Camp-whether in the gym, private personal training studios, or even around your local park. In this class, a leader will take you through tough, constantly changing workouts from squats, push-up drills, sprints, and even military-based exercises like running through tires, climbing over walls, etc. Every workout is different and challenging. Boot camp is a great interval workout that will not let your body plateau.

If you have become bored with your daily workout routine, try spicing it up with a little salsa dancing class or get rough with a 5am workout doing some military drills.

Jennifer Purdie is a health writer,

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