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The rebirth of cardio. The 80’s were an infamous time period for the fitness industry. Leg warmers,Guest Posting terry cloth head bands, neon colored spandex, bottom fringed ink shirts, thong leotards, big fun sprayed to death hair…or about the music…Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical and Flashdance’s She’s a Maniac…or the cardio aerobics moves…the grapevine, step touch, the pony….even dudes were into it – yes they wore thing spandex too, hmm?!?

Think back to all the people who used to work out back then. They were long, lean, and thin. Why? It’s no surprise that if you are interested in dramatically losing weight and burning that fat of your body, you NEED cardio as part of your fitness routine. It’s also no surprise here that yours truly is a super cardio junkie. I am one of those ladies who loves to sweat…and I don’t give a rats ass if my hair gets ruined or if my makeup gets smudged (who the hells wears makeup to work out anyway?)  Let’s just say I mean business when it comes to intense fitness. Go fast, go hard or go home!

Here are some hard cold truths:
1.You need to do at least 5-6 cardio workouts a week

2.Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of mixed cardio and strength training fitness regimens. For the fat to melt, you need to burn off those calories.

3.You need to make a severe change when it comes to your weight loss fitness plan. Even if it means you are de-conditioned and you start at a slower pace, it’s better than nothing. And as you become more conditioned, learn to challenge your body by intensifying the workout.  Don’t just think by doing the same ol’ snail pace walk on a treadmill you’ll slim down your waist line and get into those itty bitty bikinis. So pick up that pace Fit Fem’rs; go faster, go harder.

Just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no crying in fitness. Get your rump off the couch and get movin’ with this under 5 minute cardio routine you can couple with other Fit Fem Flash routines I have on my site. This workout routine will no doubt get your heart pumping, allowing you to burn some initial fat and improve your fitness. This workout program is group of several cardio exercises that are known to not only make you sweat a lot, but also shed your pounds and eventually boost your metabolism to reach your fitness goals. Metabolism is really important if you want to lose weight. This is because a higher metabolism is associated with larger regular losses of calories, and, therefore, fats. This is what the cardio fat burn blast workout offers so don’t miss out. If you are not used  to exercise at all, well, sorry to tell you that you might start feeling the aches and pains of having to do this cardio workout. Yes, it is painful, but very fulfilling at the end. And don’t worry, you’ll body will get used to it and will be so grateful as you start seeing your slim down results!  Get your heart rate up and start burning fat baby!  Perform each of these for 60 seconds at a time with 10 second rest in between for 1 round only.

And if you’ve got the time, add a few more rounds!! Why not?

• Cross Country Skiers:  start by standing with legs staggered (one leg in front and the other in back, a few feet in between each other). Quickly shift your feet and your arms (in opposing directions) in a continuous manner keeping your abdominals tight the entire time.

• Hopscotch Drill: start by standing with your feet a shoulder width apart. Hop one foot forward and then landing on both feet back. Continue to hop forward on the opposite leg and then landing back on both feet. Continue this repeating pattern.

• Repeater Knee Lifts: stand up straight and lift one knee up to chest height. Quickly tap that lifting leg back to the floor at a slight angle behind you and quickly pick that leg up again allowing the knee to come up to chest height. Use your arms to add more intensity by bringing them up and down in opposite movement of the knee. So as your knee comes up, your arms come down. If you want to feel a more quadriceps burn, the standing leg will have a slight bend to the knee. The lower the lunge, the more intense the exercise becomes. Repeat for 60 seconds then switch to the other leg. Perform this with total control.

Doing these simple yet highly effective exercises regularly, you will be in the perfect shape with peak fitness in no time. Don’t you think it’s to burn that fat Fit Femr’s?? Do it up Richard Simmons style

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