Dispel the Cardio Myths With Turbulence Training


The modern approach to lose fat and construct muscle is by means of turbulence training for fat loss designed by Craig Ballantyne.

Craig is actually a former athlete,Guest Posting holds a Masters degree in exercise physiology and certified strength & conditioning specialist. Craig developed this training after 6 years of study, training fitness clients and combing via hundreds of medical research.

The workout focuses on losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously. It dispels other training methods of long daily cardio workouts. The premise is using strength and interval training 3 days for 45 minutes for 12 weeks. This training regimen is designed for men and women.

The program distills myths promoted by cardio training as the strategy to cut fat such as the following.

1)cardio on an empty stomach in the morning is required to burn fat

2)cardio is required for the fat burning zone which is the belly

3)cardio is required 7 days a week for fat burning results

4)cardio is required at least 20 minutes per day to see any results

5)losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously cant be done

The workout is based upon short burst exercises that are designed to boost metabolism and increase fat loss, especially burning belly fat, while increasing muscle. The workouts are centered on weights and changing the routines in intervals. It educates you when to change the routines and vary strength workouts. It will also teach you about the science behind this widely popular belly fat burning system.

The system is proven by scientific facts such as the following.

1)Three short weekly workouts of forty-five minutes in length provides a total better body workout than the old methods of a full hour daily in the gym addressing different muscles.

2)Losing fat while keeping and increasing muscle in less time dispels years of other exercise science such as cardio training.

3)Australian 15 week interval training research study shows interval training provides scientific facts that interval training burns belly fat at half the rate than that of methodical cardio exercises which could lead to injuries from prolonged use of the users muscles.

4)The turbulence interval training routine jump starts the users after workout metabolism levels which increases belly fat burn more than traditional cardio workouts.

5)Belly fat routines of strength training, with low reps and high weight, scientifically contradicts the historical focus of long reps and less weight.

6)The training increases metabolism but also provides arm definition and flattens the stomach. Strength training with interval training protects lean muscle mass better than diets and slow cardio exercise routines.

These workouts are beneficial no matter what your physical condition. Workouts are beneficial for those who are severely overweight and have not had any exercise plan and need to start at the beginner stage. For those who would not be considered severely overweight and workout infrequently due to not seeing fat melt off fast enough after long hours at the gym. Also for those who are advanced such as athletes or other trainers who want to either maintain or increase their muscle mass.

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