Breaking Up Your Cardio Sessions


Are you one of the many people who perform long cardio sessions of 45 to 60 minutes? Some people are still unaware that this is not the most efficient method for fat loss. Researchers have discovered that breaking up your cardio workouts into smaller segments helps to burn more fat than performing cardio in one single long session.

The study, by the University of Tokyo and the Institute of Sports Medicine in Copenhagen, involved 7 men who either performed one 60 minute cardio session or 2 sets of 30 minute cardio workouts with a rest of 20 minutes in between. The exercisers worked at an intensity of about 60% of max.

The results concluded that there was a higher degree of fat burning when exercisers performed 2 bouts of cardio instead of 1 continuous session.

This is yet another reason to mix up your cardio sessions at the gym. You could perform one session of cardio, then do an abs circuit or stretching session before doing your second cardio workout. You could even perform one session of interval training and then a second session of steady pace training to help take your fitness and fat loss to new levels. Try also performing each cardio session on a different piece of equipment. Don’t just stick to your favourite treadmill or stationary bike – try new things. If you hate the stepper because it’s hard, then overcome the obstacle and feel the sense of achievement in mastering a new exercise.

This is and ideal way to add variety and interest to your workouts.

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