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Water is indeed the universal solvent because it can even wash away stress. Its presence alone is therapeutic. The mere sight and the feel of the movement of water are calming. The sounds of the ripples and waves are relaxing. It’s no wonder aerobic water exercises are highly effective and recommended as an exercise regimen.

Water exercises are highly aerobic and good for the cardiovascular system. The routines help lower the risk of hypertension. These workouts have low-impact but are highly effective in combating stress. It is extremely relaxing. Try these aerobic water exercises:

1. Side lateral raise – The participant should put his arms on the side with palms facing inward and the back of the hands facing outwards. The water will serve as a form of resistance for this exercise. Lift or raise the arms towards the side until the arms are aligned to the shoulders. Lower the arms back to the side of the body. For more resistance, hold the arms longer when it is aligned to the shoulders for about a minute and gradually release this hold and move the arms back the sides.

2. Forward flies – The participant should have his arms extended towards the side keeping it aligned with the shoulders. The back of the hands should face the sky. Rotate the upper arm to make the palm face forward and create resistance with the water. Move the arms towards the center until arms are parallel to each other with palms facing each other. Rotate the upper arms to make the palm face outwards and move the arms towards the side to realign with the shoulders again.

3. Leg lifts – The participant should stand with his feet close together. The arms should be holding the waist with the elbows bent on the sides forming a 90-degree angle. Lift one of the legs to the side up to a comfortable level. Hold the position until some muscle burn is felt. Gradually lower the leg back to the starting position. Next, lift the other leg to the side up to a comfortable level and hold until some muscle burn is felt eventually lowering the leg back.

4. Forward leg lifts – The participant should still keep his feet close together. Also, keep the arms holding the sides of the waist making the elbows form a 90-degree angle. Always keep the back or the spine straight. Raise the upper leg so that it is parallel to the ground and the knees bent forming a right angle. Hold this position and gradually raise the lower leg so that it is also parallel to the ground. Now that the leg is extended, perform the upper leg raise for the other leg.

These exercises are not very different or far from the workouts done on land. However, most water routines use water itself as resistance making it less prone to injuries. Enjoy your stress-free day in the water!

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