Aerobics For Beginners


Aerobics is also referred to as cardiovascular or cardio exercise. Aerobics means “oxygen”, and this type of exercise allows your muscles to receive much needed oxygen, your blood cells are increased, and your blood pressure is also lowered. Beginners looking into exercise first need to understand that cardio exercise can be performed by any rigorous, every day activity. Many people find plenty of cardio exercise by scrubbing floors in their home or mowing the lawn to increase your heart rate and get your muscles moving. Most people don’t quite have those kinds of movements in mind when they consider exercise, so you definitely have the option of traditional exercise at your disposal.

Walking, Tai Chi, jumping rope, and swimming are some examples of aerobics that beginners can take part in. These exercises can be very low impact and still provide a calorie burn and some weight loss benefits although the results are slower with low impact aerobics. The intensity can be increased in traditional exercise by quickening your pace, doing more repetitions (also called reps), or changing stances within that exercise. Remember to discuss your exercise options with your doctor before beginning any regular exercise routine. If you have a medical condition, or are taking medication, your heart rate can be different from standard heart rates for your age and weight, and that can make a dramatic difference in the kinds of workouts and intensity of workouts that you choose.

Choose an aerobic exercise that you enjoy! Try a few different exercises and stick with the ones you really like. Exercise is for well being for your lifetime, and it is best to pick exercises based on what you care about, versus choosing exercises based on what you think is good. Creating a regular routine will provide you with the best benefits for life. Choose exercises that you do not have to pay money to participate in first, such as walking, and test it for a week to two weeks. Assess the way you feel and determine if that exercise is providing you with the benefits you are hoping for.

The ideal aerobic workout is one that you can depend on daily, and do not be afraid of changing up your exercises – some can get too repetitive or even boring after a while if you do them day in and day out. Many individuals choose to work out only a few days per week, and that is just fine. Any exercise is better than remaining stationary, so get those muscles moving and your heart pumping.

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