7 Tips For Running on a Treadmill Safely and Effectively


Before you even think about starting your session at the gym, do you think your body is energized enough to do low and high impact routines? Your answer should be positive, otherwise you are killing yourself. Approximately 2 hours before workout, your body must be loaded adequately with at least high-protein foodstuff. Amino acids are needed in the development of your muscles. Also, you must be hydrated amply because you will likely sweat out at the gym. If you are parching, you can be dehydrated.

To kick your session off, yes, you warm up for about 5 minutes by stretching your small and large muscle groups. What follows after is your fat-burning cardio exercise wherein majority would either pick dance aerobics or treadmill run. The latter can get you on the go from slow to fast pace. Yes, it’s easy to be walking and running on a treadmill. Ensuring your safety is a topnotch concern though. So, you have to take note of these 7 tips for running on a treadmill safely and effectively:

1. You must be clad in comfortable gym attire and safe rubber shoes. Check whether or not your shoelaces are tied before you could be harmed in the middle of running. It’s a standard operating procedure to double check of the machine is working correctly or not.

2. Set the speed to a walking pace where you can condition your body first before hitting the higher level of cardio. After 5 minutes, you can increase the speed and start to run. After around 10 minutes, you can elevate the speed again for a more intense running speed.

3. If you feel any pain in between your chest or perhaps your legs, you must lower the speed to slower pace. Do not shock yourself with a speedy run right immediately.

4. It’s always best to ask your doctor if you can handle strenuous running on the treadmill. Verify if your knees don’t have trouble or any potential for that matter.

5. While working your way on the treadmill, you shouldn’t be chitchatting with anybody who’s also on the treadmill next to you. Focus on your steps and strides, or you get yourself harmed.

6. You can speed up but do not force yourself to run as fast as how others can endure but you can’t. Your level of endurance varies from the rest. Start with slow pace and speed up, and rest, and speed up again. Allow yourself to rest in between speeds.

7. Hold on to the grips embedded on the treadmill for support. As you run, you still hold them but if you can manage freeing your hands so you can raise them up and down for more motion, you can.

These tips are aimed at ensuring your safety as you do your cardio routine on a treadmill. It is best that you take them seriously before it’s too late to be on a loss-loss situation.

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