7 Cardio Kickboxing Tips For Safety and Efficacy


Because it involves punches and kicks, cardio kickboxing can be totally intense. Many can vouch to severe sweating and burning sensation even after five minutes of kickboxing. This just proves that this form of exercise is a great fat-burning cardio program. You don’t actually need to be clad in boxing shorts and gloves to make legit to join the clique of kickboxing enthusiasts.

It’s always good to play secured at all times, much more with doing an intense fat-burning cardio routine such as kickboxing. These 7 cardio kickboxing tips for safety and efficacy impart to you what to do for your benefit:

1.Take it easy when you kick and punch. Don’t go overboard when you can’t exert energy that’s beyond your capacity. You don’t have to strike full kicks and firm punches in your first few sessions. Get yourself used with positioning, different stances and assertion levels first before you exert your best effort.

2.Don’t do kickboxing consecutively. If you want to linger for years in the fitness and sports arena, you must only concentrate on one cardio workout per week. It’s not good either to be doing kickboxing twice in day as it may strain your joints, tendons and muscles.

3.Find yourself a kickboxing instructor that promotes results-oriented training. Fitness instructors who are acknowledged experts in their field are believable and more capable of training you. They have the best ideas and effective routines to share to you so that you can be at your best shape. Kickboxing has specific routines that may only be taught effectively by a trained kickboxing guru.

4.Humble down and be a starter. You can settle for a kickboxing program that doesn’t involve very intense movements. Faster beat can be too intense for you to follow, so it’s better that you choose the mediocre speed but still give you the same results.

5.It’s not good to disregard your feet. For you to be able to endure the intense kicks and foot stances involved in cardio kickboxing, you must do specific feet and leg resistance training to increase your agility and endurance in striking full-length kicks.

6.Don’t overlook warming up. Before a session in kickboxing, you have to do five to ten minutes of war-up by extending and stretching some of your body parts. This allows you to awaken the triceps, biceps, buttocks, abs muscles, pectoral muscles and the rest of the lower body muscle groups that are used in kickboxing.

7.You can probably give yourself a shot at enrolling in martial arts. Since kickboxing is an integration of martial arts and boxing, you can start engaging in martial arts first so that you can be more interested in executing the routines.

Kickboxing is an intense cardio routine that entails alertness, energized and synchronized movements, and endurance. So, it’s best to go after your safety as you undertake the program.

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