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A regular practice of yoga will help you gradually expand the awareness of both your internal and external lives. Through meditation it is possible to achieve a clarity of the world you live in, increase your understanding and tolerance, and heighten your aspirations in life. Furthermore, the power of mediation can help you realise the true nature of your being and soul, both spiritually and emotionally.

Mediation has a variety of approaches you can test and try, in order to arrive at one that suits you best. We will include one for example and to help you get started.

Firstly prepare your body for the meditation experience using a warm up with some gentle stretches and breath control. This helps bring your mind and body gradually into sync with one another. After, position your body either in a cross legged position or any pose in which you feel comfortable. If it is hard for you to concentrate for a period of time with your legs crossed try instead sitting in a chair that keeps your back straight and supported and rest your hands on your thighs.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, thereby relaxing your body and your mind. Continue with this for a few minutes, keeping your breathing steady and unwind and relax mentally.

Follow this with some alternating breath or a Yogic pranayama exercise. Bring your focus upon on of the chakras. For example the third eye (or anja chakra) located just between your eyebrows. This will help bring further clarity to your mind. Alternatively you could focus on relaxing on each part of your body, starting with your feet and legs and working up toward the top of your head.

Pick a word or phrase that will help calm you. Focus on this when your body is entirely relaxed, repeating the word or phrase over and over together with concentrating on your breathing.

When in a state of total relaxation, cease repeating the phrase and try and let your mind be free and let your awareness be raised. Come out of the mediation when you feel ready.

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