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The word yoga originates from Sanskrit, which is an ancient language from India. It means union particularly of the body, spirit and mind. The yoga that we know today is what is termed as asana, which pertains to postures and poses.

Asana is just one of the eight types of yoga. It is more physical compared to the other types of yoga, which are more directed towards the development of mental and spiritual aspect of an individual. At present the word yoga is used synonymously with asana.

Many people viewed yoga as a type of stretching exercise. Although there is some truth to it but the stretching involved in yoga are designed to create a sense of balance that does not only strengthen the body but makes it flexible. This explains why people who are into yoga can bend their body in an amazing way, makes you think whether they still have bones or not.

There are different poses involved in yoga and each of these provides physical benefits. Yoga poses especially for those who are not into this type of activity will think that it’s hard work. Well not to dishearten you there are also simple poses, which are easy to do. The complex poses that you see are performed by those who have perfected the basic and have gained the needed flexibility for higher forms of yoga poses.

Basic Yoga Poses
If you want to try some basic yoga stances just to see whether you can do it or not, then the sun salutation is the way to go. It is easy to follow and very relaxing. Since this is your first time make sure that you focus on your breathing and then follow the following procedures one at a time carefully and slowly:

1. Stand with your feet together and your hand in a prayer like position placed in front of your chest.

2. While breathing in, try to arch your back very slowly while extending your arms over your head and slowly stretching your spine.

3. Breathe out while you bend over and try reaching your toes if you can. However if you can’t then its okay, just do not overexert or else you will just injure your back in the process.

Yoga has its huge benefits, and this is the reason why many people move out of the gym to practice Yoga at their homes and in special locations. If you would like to know more about Yoga and fitness, yoga accessories buying tips and much more visit the Yoga Tips [] site at []

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