United We Stand, Divided We Fail


Katy, my wife, gave me a purple Hibiscus plant a few years back – a most unique colour for a flower, you will surely agree.

Of course it was a hybrid and, well, this hybrid never came good – it never flowered and was always in poor health.

My efforts to achieve a better health for the plant included:

o re-potting it many times – changing the soil mixture and adding different organic fertilizers.

o giving it more light,

o less light,

o more water,

o less water,

o more protection from the wind

o better association – I even put it with other hibiscus that were doing well.

But to no avail until New Years day 2005 when it bloomed and graced our eye with it’s beauty.

It wasn’t just one thing that caused the change in quality – it was the application of varied methods that eventually won out.

And so it is with our own personal health.

We will not attain to a state of personal health satisfaction through the application of a single method.

We will only achieve a better state of health by applying the varied laws of health in different quantities and qualities until the desired objective is reached.

This must be done on a persistent and continuous basis.

To each and every reader we wish you all the best in your daily efforts to apply the laws of health to your own lifestyle.

All the best in all we do


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Author: Piyawut Sutthiruk

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