The Five Main Yoga Techniques for Beginners Recommended By Yoga Practitioners


Yoga practitioners typically follow five specific Yoga techniques. These yoga techniques are proper posture, proper joint movement, controlled breathing, meditation and total relaxation. It is believed that these five yoga techniques can combine to improve the health of the mind and body.

Using the proper postures helps to tone the whole body. They are performed from a variety of positions such as sitting, standing and lying. Most of these postural yoga exercises are very easy to perform, while some are very demanding.

Proper joint movement helps ensure that the exercises provide maximum benefit without causing injury. Some of these joint movement exercises are performed by themselves, while others are actually performed in conjunction with postures. All of the joint movements of yoga are gentle; they are aimed at making various joints more supple. Among the areas where joints are targeted are the legs, arms neck, hands and back.

Yoga always stresses deep breathing. Deep breathing exercises relax the body while at the same time helping to strengthen the body’s support muscles in the abdomen.

Yoga does not follow the “no pain, no gain” slogan. When practicing yoga, a person is not to go beyond what he or she can do comfortably. Exercises are also followed by relaxation sessions so that any tension that has been built up inside the body and mind is released.

During the relaxation session, all environmental distractions are tuned out. At this point, the yoga practitioner is ready for meditation — he or she will become even more focused and mentally relaxed. The goal is a state of tranquility and peacefulness.

While these yoga techniques may be performed at any place or time, they work best for newcomers to the practice of yoga if they are performed in a quiet, secluded place. Most people find that yoga works best during sunrise or sunset.

Experienced yoga practitioners, often labeled as “Gurus” or “Seniors”, may also perform techniques beyond the five techniques we have covered in this article. For instance, Hong-Sau is a technique that focuses on using the latent powers of concentration to overcome any surrounding distractions when focusing on a specific target. Aum is another yoga technique that seeks to expand one’s awareness beyond the normal awareness of humans. However, these advanced techniques are only successfully practiced by those who have mastered the basic techniques and are ready to achieve an advanced focus.

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