Teaching Hatha Yoga: Don’t Forget Beginners


Some Yoga teachers forget the need for instruction at the beginner level. Recently, I have been guilty of that, as well. Many of your Yoga classes should still be geared toward beginners.

Our wellness center has just relocated to Attleboro, Massachusetts, with more focus on our Yoga teacher training program. We plan on having diversified Yoga classes for the public. However, before we have officially opened the door, we have more beginners than we have space for.

Although I have an entourage of on-site Yoga teacher interns, and had envisioned creating a learning center for teachers, the demand for beginner classes was far beyond my expectations.

What does this all mean? Any Yoga teacher will do fine with beginner classes, as the demand for the benefits of Yoga is also global. I hear similar stories from many other Yoga teachers in every part of the earth.

If you have been teaching and practicing Yoga all day – assist, cue, and guide, when you need a break. When you find yourself tired, do not be concerned with performing every Yoga posture in your classes. Most of all, make it fun and incorporate stimulating methods and ideas.

For internal healing and healthy lifestyles, Yoga teachers are on the right path. Most humans are disconnected from their bodies and run on “auto-pilot.” This is much similar to the behavior of a pigeon. To link the mind, body, and spirit, in unity, is rare for pigeons and humans.

With global obesity on the rise, Yoga will not fade in popularity. There are too many people who are mentally detached from their physical body. This can be observed by the increase in the size of children.

This will require action on the part of everyone, but Yoga teachers have an opportunity to educate their students toward the best quality life. Teach your Yoga students about the doshas. If you need to know more about this, or any Yoga subject, get the continuing education required to help your students.

The demand for Yoga teaching services is great. Grow with your Yoga students. You are already a few steps ahead on the path of unity. That is the definition of any teacher: “One who has been there before.” Your mission is to show them “the way.”

Do not worry about physical feats, when performing Yoga postures. Yoga has pranayama, mudras, mantras, doshas, meditation, relaxation, chakra awareness development, and much more.
There is no doubt that you will be a safe Yoga teacher, when you have concerns about contraindications for Yoga postures. The safety factor is a more important aspect for a Yoga teacher, than a gymnastic “circus act.”

Paul Jerard is a co-owner and the director of Yoga teacher training at: Aura Wellness Center, in Attleboro, MA. http://www.riyoga.com He has been a certified Master Yoga teacher since 1995. To receive a Free e-Book: “Yoga in Practice,” and a Free Yoga Newsletter, please visit: http://www.yoga-teacher-training.org/index.html

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