Swami Ramdev Takes Yoga And Breathing Exercises To Another Level


India, a country which houses millionaires but not in the way one may think. It is spiritually wealthy. Almost every path that leads to enlightenment has been discovered, and every path has one thing in common, the knowledge of the self.

Swami Ramdev, an exponent in yoga practices, has introduced himself as yet another drop in this spiritual ocean. His unique contribution has been in helping ordinary people lead a healthy life through the practice of Pranayam. In very simple terms, Pranayam can be thought of as a series of techniques for breath control that were developed as a part of the ancient Indian system of Yoga. Furthermore, these techniques were often thought of as being esoteric and complex and portrayed as being unsuitable for lay people. Consequently their use was often limited to advanced practitioners of Yoga and undertaken only under the strict supervision of an experienced teacher. Swami Ramdev has worked diligently to break these barriers and help make the practice of Pranayam achievable by the ordinary layperson. He has devised a set of six simple Pranayam breathing exercises as listed below:

1. Bhastrika Pranayam

2. Kapal Bhati Pranayam

3. Baahya Pranayam

4. Anulom Vilom Pranayam

5. Bhramri Pranayam

6. Udgeeth Pranayam

Viewers of his Tv show and attendees of his classes have reported extensive information on the benefits of these practices. Relief from conditions such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Stomach problems, Thyroid problems and much more have been cited by individuals who have taken part in his exercises.

Recently in July 06 he conducted a tour of Britain teaching for 10 days consecutively in Leicester and Harrow, Middx where one can safely say that his 10 day course way fully booked in both venues.

In March 05 there was some degree of controversy regarding Swami Ramdev’s ayurvedic herbs whereby Indian authorities claimed that there was proof of animal products being used in herbs that were supposedly pure vegetarian. However he was cleared from all convictions.

Swami Ramdev continues to teach Pranayam at his institutions, namely Pratanjali Yogpeeth Trust, where day by day his popularity is ever growing. He has already stated that his mission is to raise the awareness of Pranayam worldwide, adding to the millions that it has already benefited.

For further information and Pranayam Dvd visit www.yogscience.co.uk [http://www.yogscience.co.uk]

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