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When performing yoga it is important to keep up a good yoga posture and this is all that it will take for you keep up with good yoga practice.

Yoga can help a person in many different ways, a few of the benefits of yoga are that it will help you to achieve find balance, teach you a way of developing how to be calm and will also make your body elastic enough to be able to move to its maximum ability. A good yoga posture can also help you to build inner strength.

Fighting the cobra yoga posture

This posture will help to relieve slight pain in your back and will also tone your abs.

Step one: You will need to stretch out on your stomach with your legs and feet joined in together. Plant your palms on the floor below your shoulders with the fingers facing onwards.

Step two: Next you will then need to lift the upper body by gradually lifting the head and chest, just remember to make sure that you keep your shoulders down. Your pelvis and thighs should never leave the yoga mat.

Final Step: Hold your pose for about twenty five seconds then as you breathe make sure that it is in even breaths all the way through your nose. Then go back to your starting location and do it all over again.

The yoga posture to strengthens your abs

First step: In this first yoga posture, you should place yourself in a standing position with your legs and hip width separately, holding your arms directly ahead with the palms facing down.

Second step: Twist your knees and squat it will be as if you’re about to sit in a chair. Make sure that your center weight is in your heels, then lock it and don’t bring the hips lower than the level that your knees are at.

Third step: Then you should reach forward, center your eyes in a straight line ahead while breathing in and breathing through the nose. Hold this yoga posture for about twenty seconds. Then you should slowly go back to standing position. Once you are at the starting position you can release your arms.

The wind relieving yoga posture

The following yoga posture will stretch your spine and will help the digestion of the stomach. It is always a positive aspect to have a good stomach so that you’ll always feel lively.

First step: Recline on your back, Then as you breathe in you should drag the right knee near to your chest. Your left leg should be in a straight line on the ground.

Second step: Push your shoulders and the rear side of your neck into the ground while at the same time holding your knee. Then breath for ten seconds only. This may appear to be to quick but when performing this yoga posture it will seem a lot longer.

Third step: Repeat the first two step except change the sides You will then finish the set by hugging both of your knees to your chest and holding it for another ten seconds. Keeping repeating the set.

The upward boat yoga posture

This will help to strengthen your abs, help your digestion and improve your balancing ability.

First step: Sit on the floor. Bend your knees and place feet flat on the floor.

Second step: Breathe in, bend back and raise heels off the ground, straightening your legs as possible as you can.

Expand your arms with palms facing downward. If you find this difficult to perform, you can also rest your hands beneath your knees for support. This is difficult yoga posture to perform but after practising it a few times you will have less difficulty in carrying it out.

Third step: while you hold the pose for thirty seconds, you should also keep your back in a straight line as possible, and make sure your abs are doing all the work.

Make sure that you practice this yoga posture on a regular basis. Any time you have spare time you should practice these yoga postures as not only can they improve your health but will also help your backbone and improve your digestive system.

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