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The word “Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit language and originated in ancient India. Yoga is the union of the body, mind and spirit. The moral and mental union leads to good health and longevity of life. The power of Yoga if practiced seriously leads to positive and perennial happiness and peace.

The benefits of yoga are many. It is extremely effective in increasing flexibility. Yoga positions or asanas, work the various joints of the body including those that are never really used or exercised. It also increases lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons. Many of the unrelated non-strenuous yoga positions act upon certain parts of the body in an interrelated manner. When the asanas are practiced together, they work in harmony to create a situation where flexibility is attained relatively easily.

Yoga is the only form of activity which massages all the internal glands and organs of the body thoroughly including those such as the prostate that hardly get externally stimulated during our entire lifetime. This stimulation and massage is beneficial in that it protects us form potential diseases, and even forewarns the body of likely attacks.

One very power of yoga or benefit of yoga is the unique sense of awareness that it develops in the practitioner of an impending health disorder or infection which allows one to take corrective action immediately.

The gentle stretching of muscles and joints as well as by massaging the various organs, yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to different parts of the body. It helps to detoxify our body of toxins as well as providing nourishment. The power of yoga is such that it leads to delayed ageing, energy and a great zest for life.

Excellent toning of the muscles – Muscles that have become flaccid, weak are stimulated by Yoga. This leads to excellent toning of the muscles by shedding excess flab.

The above mentioned points can be measured as the physical benefits of the practice of Yoga. The true power of Yoga is the harmony between the mind and the body to achieve good health. Yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve this harmony and helps the mind work in sync with the body. Stress, which has become the bane of our fast paced existence, can be truly alleviated through Yoga.

In fact yoga equals meditation. Both work together in achieving the common goal of unity of mind, body and spirit – a state of eternal bliss. The meditative practices through yoga help in achieving an emotional balance through detachment, calmness and a positive outlook, which results in tremendous benefits on the physical health of the body.

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