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Immerse yourself in the world of an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual growth – Yoga. This intimate practice offers escapism, peace of mind and a sense of stability for all who endeavour to learn. By embracing yoga you will be opened up to a whole new perspective on life.

Learn Yoga…

Yoga can provide a foundation for living and constant direction in your life. Astanga is one of the most common form of yoga practised. It was handed down from Rishi Vamana, through a long lineage of Masters and is practiced around the world today. Qualified yoga instructors are certified through Yoga Alliance International, which enables them to share the yoga experience with others.

Yoga is more than simply poses and stretches, it focuses on calming the mind and strengthening the body. Therefore, instructors always ensure a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone – from beginners through to veterans. Rejuvenative yoga covers subtle techniques for creating an understanding of our body through releasing tension, mainly from the hips and shoulders.

Yoga Nidra is another practiced type of yoga, which literally translates to “sleep of the yogis.” It is used to prepare mentally and physically prior to seeking deeper levels of consciousness and awareness through meditation. Yoga Nidra is enjoyed so much because it gives a feeling of total relaxation, and is often practiced by enthusiasts daily. It is one of the most powerful opportunities that people can take in order to escape from the tension of materialistic life.

Live Yoga…

Our hectic modern day lives tend to make us lose touch with ourselves; however by embracing the practice of yoga, this can be overcome. In philosophical terms yoga means a refined rejuvenative reunion with ‘self,’ a journey of self-discovery. This practice restores the body and mind to its fundamental state of well-being, peace, and vibrant alertness. It encourages balance and harmony in all areas of life in addition to assisting with the rehabilitation of injuries.

When practiced traditionally Astnaga Yoga is a 6 day a week exercise. Once introduced to the yoga, many find it inescapable and integrate it as a regular activity in their daily lives. Those who practise yoga will experience increased flexibility and toning of muscles. Yoga has also been proven to assist in preventing illness and supports an entirely healthy and invigorated mind, body and soul.

Love Yoga…

It is important to realise we don’t need to buy something material to make us feel good. Yoga activists acquire a sense of increased physical strength and flexibility, in addition to greater concentration and general well-being. What could be better than treating your mind and body to an intimate practise that serves to benefit your well being?

The opening prayer for the practice of yoga reads as: “Because I want more peace of mind and stability in life, I faithfully practice yoga as it has been passed down by the gurus.” Yoga allows for the creation of peace as well as physical, mental and spiritual awareness and escapism.

Of those who seek to learn yoga, many end up living it and loving it.

Sheridan Hammond is founder of Samudra Surf & Yoga Retreats [http://www.samudra.com.au/page13.aspx]. A Samudra yoga retreat is all about experiencing a different culture, eating healthy foods and engaging in the intimate practice of yoga with new friends. For more information on Sheridan, Samudra or to learn yoga [http://www.samudra.com.au/page13.aspx], please visit the website at http://www.samudra.com.au

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