Improving Your Life With Yoga


You’ve probably heard all about Yoga and may even know someone who practices it. Just what are the benefits of practicing Yoga and what exactly is it?

Yoga is one of six schools in Hindu philosophy, mainly focusing on helping the individual to meditate and travel a path of self-realization. However, outside of India, Yoga is more often linked with the practice of asanas, which are postures. These postures, as well as meditation, form the basis of what Western culture considers modern Yoga.

Here are some of the many ways you can improve your life with Yoga:

Weight Loss

Some Yoga postures can help to stimulate glands that moderate the body’s hormone levels. The thyroid gland, in particular, can be stimulated with certain shoulder based postures. The thyroid gland is important in activating the body’s metabolism, which is essential for weight loss. Yoga can also have a calming effect, and can relieve anxieties associated with overeating. In addition, breathing exercises integrated with Yoga practice have been shown in studies to balance the body’s acidity, which is also essential for health and proper weight loss.


Most Yoga postures help to increase the body’s overall flexibility due to the amount of stretching and pulling involved.


When practicing a balanced Yoga routine, the body will gradually gain strength. Certainly not the type of strength you get from lifting weights, but Yoga helps your strength and stamina nonetheless.


Studies have shown that consistent Yoga practice can lower your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, decrease white blood cells, increase the body’s thyroxin and vitamin C as well as offer a host of other health benefits.

Stress Management

Proper Yoga practice requires proper breathing exercises as well as regular meditation. Meditation itself has been shown to decrease blood pressure, stress, headaches and other physical and mental health problems.

Sleep Benefits

Practicing Yoga as well as meditation and proper breathing can also benefit your sleep patterns. You may get better, deeper sleep and wake more refreshed.


Yoga asanas are very balanced in the way they stretch, pull and work your muscles. Physically, your body will be in better balance as a result of practicing Yoga regularly. However, your mind may also be more balanced. You’ll be more calm and relaxed under stress, as well as, less anxious. The breathing exercises associated with Yoga practice also play a large part in the body’s balance.

Pain Management

There are books about relieving back pain and pain from other injuries that outline specific Yoga asanas designed to target and align the back muscles and bones. Many people get relief from nagging back pain or injury when they practice Yoga.

These are just some of the many benefits of practicing Yoga, so get down to your local Yoga class and start improving your life with Yoga.

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