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Around the world Yoga is considered an enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy. And, though it has been around for ages, only recently has Yoga caught the American fancy. It is a well-rounded workout designed to tone up and strengthen muscles; at the same time it increases flexibility. Yoga is also an excellent way to shed weight and boost energy and vitality. As you start to practise Yoga or Pilates, for that matter you will notice the need for some basic Yoga or Pilates equipment and accessories.

Yoga Mats

Good Yoga mats help increase balance and coordination. Most folks are not properly aligned. As a result we do a lot of what we do asymmetrically. For those intending to balance and a sense of symmetry a Yoga mat is a must. Then again, we strongly recommend a hand-woven Yoga mat. However, for those into dynamic and vigorous kinds such Power Yoga, Sticky Mats are well worth considering.

Yoga straps

The Yoga strap is highly beneficial for beginners. They are either fabricated from cotton or nylon and let you grasp your limbs, you couldn’t reach. They also help you hold a pose longer. Yoga Straps are especially helpful in bound poses when the hands cannot reach each other or for asanas where you need to hold both feet but cannot reach them.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are also called Yoga bricks and are useful in executing a variety of Yoga poses. Yoga blocks help in execution of poses and offer many other benefits. Some of the benefits of Yoga blocks are that they provide stability and support for proper alignment; they also help reduce the distance between the body and the ground.

Yoga cushions

Yoga cushions help practitioners establish proper spinal alignment so that the posture stays steady, straight, and comfortable. Yoga Cushions are also beneficial to pregnant women and to people recovering from surgery. With Yoga cushions, most poses can be done comfortably as you sit on a chair or using a chair to maintain balance while standing. For added support or cushioning, Yoga Cushions are also used on top of a Yoga Mat or Yoga Chair height.

Yoga balls

Yoga Balls are a versatile prop for many postures. Fabricated from durable vinyl, they help achieve the necessary balance and support for asanas. Yoga Balls effectively increase your flexibility, improve your range of motion and balance, as well as tone up the muscles. Besides, they also help shape the body and relieve of stress.

Pederson writes content for Yoga Wiz that provides information on usage of yoga accessories like mats, yoga chairs, yoga blocks and cushions.The website explains the importance of the basics of yoga that aims towards balancing your body and soul.

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