How Yoga Can Help You?


Yoga has many benefits for its users. Physically there are several disorders that can benefit from the cleansing practices of yoga. However, yoga is also aimed as uniting the mind, body and the spirit which helps to provide many other therapeutic benefits of yoga. Consider just a few areas where yoga has proven to be extremely helpful. The various positions used in yoga call upon various joints to be used that have hardly been exercised or even noticed. Working these joints during yoga exercise can help increase an individuals flexibility.

While working the joints, yoga positions are very good exercise for the tendons and ligaments. Even parts of the body you aren’t actively working on will benefit from the flexible yoga positions. Through yoga exercise you can help increase the lubrication of your joints, ligaments and tendons.During an individuals lifetime there are several organs of the body that don’t get external stimulation. Yoga is possibly the only form of exercise that helps massage all the internal glands and organs of the body through the various positions. The various body parts receive some form of wholesome exercise from yoga which helps keep away diseases and help individuals to tell when their body is likely to be experiencing the onset of a disease or disorder.

Stretching during yoga exercise allows the muscles, joints and various organs of the body to be massaged which helps all part of the body receive their optimum blood supply. This increased supply of blood will help take the toxins out of a persons body and bring nourishment to all parts of the body. Benefits of this blood flow can include a slowed aging process, increased energy and a healthier mental outlook on life. Although yoga is not a strenuous exercise it offers an excellent way to tone the muscles. Any flaccid or weak muscles can be toned easily with yoga which can help to shed excess pounds and tighten the appearance of the skin which leads to a more youthful appearance. This proves that yoga has benefits both on the outside as well as the inside.

When you compare the benefits between yoga and regular exercise you can easily see how yoga is the better option when it comes to choosing a way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Yoga focuses on the parasympathetic nervous system while other forms of exercise typically focus on the sympathetic nervous system. This difference allows yoga to focus on the sub-cortical regions of the brain while other forms focus only on the cortical regions of the brain.

Yoga focuses on using slow dynamic and static movements to gain benefits while most other forms of exercise call for rapid and forceful movements which can lead to health issues if done improperly. Yoga leads to a normalization of muscle tone while exercise increases the muscle tension.

The positions of yoga provide a way of exercise that has a low risk of injuring your muscles and ligaments while on the other hand many other forms of exercise can have a higher risk of injury especially if they are done improperly. With yoga you focus on a low caloric consumption, but with other forms of exercise you need a moderate to high caloric consumption to keep up your energy for your workout.

The process of yoga requires minimal effort and allows a relaxed method of exercising your body. Many other forms of exercise require a maximum of effort with a high-strung feeling. Through the natural and controlled breathing of yoga you finish the routine feeling energized while the taxed breathing of other forms of exercise will often leave you feeling fatigued.

Yoga is a noncompetitive, process-oriented method of exercising your body. It focuses on a balanced activity of opposing muscle groups and focuses on internal awareness through breathing. The growth for your self-awareness is limitless with yoga. Rather other forms of exercise are usually competitive and goal-oriented while having an imbalanced activity focused on opposing muscle groups. The external awareness is the focus of these forms of exercise as a result of the goal-oriented approach and there is the factor that you will soon become bored with the methods used in these types of exercise.

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