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There are lots of amazing things about yoga, but one of the best is that there’s basically no cost involved in practicing yoga. You don’t need any specific, expensive training equipment required in order to get the desired results, and there’s no one perfect environment necessary to practice yoga properly.

Mostly this is because yoga isn’t really about just doing yoga – it’s more a state of mind linked to your lifestyle. So far that reason, your will, together with your beliefs and attitudes towards your philosophical path, is what really matters. Yoga also encourages you to have a healthy, balanced diet, focusing on natural foods, in order to be properly prepared for your first yoga session. The food you eat strongly affects your mind and soul; so careful eating is crucial in yoga.

Although it’s possible to practice yoga anywhere, without needing a specially designed place, it’s still important to choose a location as far from annoying distractions as you can make it. So avoid, TV, radio and street noise if you possibly can. It’s also good for the area to be clean, quite, and well ventilated if that’s possible. Most yoga practitioners use a blanket when practicing yoga, as there are many sitting or lying positions involved in performing the exercises and meditation, but you can easily use a towel or a mat if that’s easier for you.

When it comes to choosing what to wear, it’s important that you choose clothing that is loose and very comfortable. Perhaps a training suit, sweat pants and a t-shirt, shorts, or even loose pajamas. It’s possible to do yoga in the nude, which some people prefer, but generally it’s accepted that you wear suitable clothing, particularly if it’s a group yoga session.

Most yoga practitioners also recommend that you have an empty stomach when commencing a session. It’s a good idea to wait a couple of hours after your main meal, so your body has had time to digest the food. Make sure you have clear nostrils and throat, as breathing exercises are a key element in yoga training.

Some people find that over time they develop a preference for practicing yoga at a particular time of day, but in fact there’s no one time that is considered to be the best. If you practice yoga in the morning, you help to give your body and mind a good start to the day, as well as getting a good boost in your energy levels. However practicing yoga in the evenings can contribute to a peaceful and restful sleep.

It’s important that you don’t push yourself during yoga to the point where you feel exhausted when you’re finished. If you feel tired during the session, take a break. It’s quite common for yoga practitioners to take regular short breaks, particularly between the more difficult exercises. It’s not necessary to persist with yoga for hours at a time to get results – 15 minutes of correct yoga practice can be enough to give you excellent results.

Finally, remember that your attitude and your desire to uncover the amazing sensations and experiences created by this ancient philosophy is the most important thing you can take to a yoga session.

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