Empower Your Yoga With Mala Meditation – Discover A Crystal Clear Mind


Want a mind that’s clear and calm like water, but prepared to deal with anything? Mala meditation helps you to achieve this state. When I first started to meditate, I found it almost impossible to calm my mind. “Monkey mind” never stopped jumping around.

Then a teacher suggested that mala meditation would help. A mala is string of beads, and you repeat a mantra as you count each bead. For example, your mantra might be “Om”, so as you pass the beads through your fingers, you say Om at each bead. Malas have 108 beads, with an additional large Meru bead, which lets you know when you’ve reached the end of your count. When you get to the Meru, you reverse the mala, and keep counting your mantra again.

Malas Can Be Simple, Or Beautiful

Malas are available in many different forms. Semi-precious stones are popular, because stones are said to have specific effects. A rock crystal mala, for example, is said to be healing and protective, while a sandalwood mala brings calm and tranquillity – and smells wonderful, too.

Tips For Mala Meditation

* You can say your mantra aloud, or silently to yourself. Keep up a steady pace as you work your way around the mala – don’t rush. If your mind wanders from the mantra, bring it gently back;

* You can spend as much time as you please in mala meditation. Start off with five or ten minutes. Even just a single round of counting your mala will focus and relax you – great if you’re going for a job interview or are giving a presentation;

* Keep your mala in a safe place. Some people choose to wear their mala, so that it’s always handy, and they can take time out for stressful situations;

* End your yoga practice with a few moments of mala meditation – then get up ready to take on the world.

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