5 Tips To Gaining Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) Through Practicing Yoga


Yoga has been practiced for 100’s of years. Today it seems like yoga is taught more for the physical benefits than the mental growth that can be gained. However, your yoga practice is a great place to develop a positive mental attitude (PMA). I want to share with you some ways to achieve PMA through practicing yoga:

1. always say thank you for the opportunity to practice yoga

2. breathe positive thoughts into every cell of your body

3. bring your mind’s eye into every pose to see your body perfectly aligned

4. let every pose unfold to you so that every practice is healing

5. allow every practice to be brand new; always with compassion

6. practice with a registered yoga teacher

Thank You

Gratitude and love are the highest emotions that when simply thought can create positive change not only in your own cells but in those of people around you.
Masaru Emoto has photographed frozen water crystals which were sent thoughts of love and gratitude. Those photographed crystals are the most beautiful.

Just Breathe

We work and play all day long and are mostly unaware of our breath. To breathe is to live. Breathe life into every cell of your body with thoughts of love and gratitude.

The Mind’s Eye

The mind’s eye is about bringing awareness from your body to your mind. It’s the feedback your body is giving your mind in the most subtle way. We walk around all day and forget about how our body really feels. Practicing yoga is a time to listen and send information between the mind and body. This is a perfect opportunity send positive affirmations from your mind to your body and back again.


Allow each pose to unfold to you without struggle; only with a gentle invitation. This will keep you free from injury – both physically and mentally. When poses contain ego your body and mind will suffer. When a pose is allowed to unfold to you the benefits are ten fold. Each yoga pose will bring thoughts of joy and accomplishment to increase your PMA.


Be the observer in every yoga pose. Watch and listen to the balance of every pose as your body attracts what it needs. Feel compassion with every pose so that your body will be attracted to the benefits rather than to the competition. Having compassion will bring an abundance of PMA without injury to your body or mind.

Yoga Teacher

Your yoga teacher will offer a path of healing to your practice. She will demonstrate encouragement, compassion and insight to every pose. Practice with a teacher that invites your confidence and brings a constant feeling of PMA.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

Change exceeds all expectations.

Kelly Dailey

Reveal Your Prosperity ([http://www.revealyourprosperity.com]) has been in the sports and fitness arena for over 30 years. She is a Yoga Teacher and Personal Fitness Trainer. She has studied extensively in the fields of nutrition, wellness and personal growth.

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