12 Step Yoga Therapy, As Easy As Breathing


Yoga therapy for better health. This article briefly takes a look at how yoga can be used a a form of therapy. One example of this is the yoga breathing techniques. With regular forms of exercise, breathing does play a part, but not as much as with yoga. You learn to breath the correct way with your yoga practice and this makes all the difference to helping you stay in better health.

Yoga breathing exercises are invaluable and to get the benefits need not take hours of practice a day. You only need a few minutes and this will keep your mind and body healthy. The following is a series of yoga breathing exercises that will only take you about six minutes to complete and yet you will feel an improvement in your energy level. A word of warning, this exercise should not be performed by anyone suffering from cervical problems.

To start your yoga therapy breathing exercises.

1. Start by resting your arms on the sides.

2. Rotate your shoulders, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, five times each.

3. Bend your head as if trying to touch the shoulders.

4. Repeat it five times on each side.

5. Keep the neck erect and, while bending forward, press the chin against the neck.

6. Now close your eyes and let your mind relax.

7. Breathe normally, while remaining conscious to the inhalation and exhalation.

8. Feel the movements of your breathing.

9. Closing your eyes, take deep gentle breaths.

10.Feel the incoming air from the bottom i.e. stomach upwards to the top of the lungs.

11.Now exhale the air, letting it out first from the top and then downward from the stomach.

12.Repeat this ten times, using ‘imagination of breathing in fresh oxygen’.

Remember, that a standing position is best for this exercise. This technique is wonderfully de-stressing.

These breathing exercises are so easy to do, take so little time and the benefits to you can be felt for such a long time.

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