Yoga Dance Based Butt Exercise For The Ideal Female Body Shape


Would losing 25 pounds and over 20 inches get your attention? Using innovative butt and thigh shaper workout programs in the privacy of your home can give you success in creating a dramatically improved female body shape. Lose tummy fat, “saddle bag” thigh fat, get rid of arm fat, improve muscle tone plus feel even better about yourself.

Creating A New More Attractive Body Image. Yoga and dance based trunk and butt exercise is all about body sculpting and creating a sexy, younger looking curvaceous female body shape. And, yes, it’s also for you guys out there who’ve begun sporting side heavy love handles and an increasingly pear shape body.

Take the big target areas, a fat tummy, a fat waist and “thunder thighs”. Everyone knows that exercise to reduce stomach fat can sound like the ultimate grudging hard work.

Body Shaping Exercise Program Candidate – Yoga Booty Ballet. The exercise and body gadget market place is brimming with possibilities to help your body image goals. Consider a body contouring “hybrid” workout option like yoga booty ballet which will have you moving between:

* Yoga postures that increase your muscle tone and flexibility

* Meditation to quiet your mind and to regain focus on yourself

* Ballet to produce stretching and balance and strength

* Dance to push your pulse, burn more calories, especially from body fat reserves

* Strength moves that challenge your muscles and create stronger bones

Traditional Yoga For Balancing Movement And Mind While You Lose Body Fat. For novices, yoga movements re-orient your mind-body balance. Elemental yoga positions such as Downward Facing Dog, Sun Salutation, plank position, Child Pose, Cobra and others can be used to gain strength in your trunk. You’ll learn about proper balanced breathing techniques, posture and balance, curious and wonderful new stretches to parts of your body you never knew existed, and how to gain control over the “monkey chatter” inside your mind.

Working On Your “Booty” – For Women And Men. You don’t have to be a lanky svelte reed-thin model to get spectacular body contouring results from yoga and dance based home or gym clinic programs. Women and men in their 50s, 40s, 30s or 20s tone up and shape up in fun workouts that take less than 45 minutes.

Dance As The Ultimate Thigh And Butt Shaper. Who fails to admire the enormous fitness, beauty and athleticism of dancers? Their body shape did not occur by accident. You can slowly and carefully transition yourself into any of the dance disciplines, ballet or modern dance or even hip hop style dance exercise and get huge body shaping results. Consider ballet moves, with toes articulated into rhythmic tapping, gentle leg raises, arms stretching, hips stretching, muscles contracting in a coordinated manner as you deepen the stretch and increase your one legged movements and glute work. You can’t help but lose pounds, and inches of thigh fat, waist fat and more.

Building Strength And All-Over-Body Muscle Tone. Your abs, buttocks and arms get the brunt of the strength section of well designed yoga dance body rejuvenation workout programs. You’ll find yourself combining squats and leg raises to tone muscle and burn inner thigh fat with overhead arms holding light 2 pound weights to counter-weight and place muscle toning focus on your upper arms. There’s no better way to begin your body contouring and reduce arm fat than incorporating lightweights into continuous movement.

Get additional body shaping and butt exercise information and then decide for yourself what�s best for creating and improved body image.

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