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If you are serious about losing weight and keep it off, consider diet plans that have been clinically proven to work.  Additionally, stay away from fad dieting and dieting gimmicks.

Everyday we are bombarded with advertisements offering us weight loss products.  The enormous amount of diet plans to choose from can be overwhelming,What is YO YO Dieting Articles to say the least.  There are 2, 310 pages if your type in diet plan on any given search engine.  There are calorie counter diets, low carb diets, lose weight like the celebrities diet plan, personality type diet plan, and the list goes on!  Although these diet plan pages seem awful convincing, that does not necessarily mean they work.  Furthermore, most of the diet plans are not clinically proven to help you lose weight. 

Most of the advertised diet plans fall into the YO-YO dieting cycle.    The YO-YO diet dynamics is as follows:

Diet – decrease in calories

Famine Response – Lose weight from lean muscle and fat which reducing metabolic rate and increases fat storage

Fall Off- fall off your diet plan and increase calorie intake

Feast Response – • Reduced metabolic rate, loss of muscle, regain weight from fat

Repeat – overweight, start diet again

Additionally, to help you understand the dynamics of  YO-YO dieting, I offer the following: 

Most diets are nutritionally inadequate and you will feel bad sooner or later.

Diets are too hard to follow and interfere with everyday living.

Results are too slow and lead to frustration and helplessness.

Most diet plans use unsafe ingredients and have negative side effects

(Ephedra, Ephedra Alternatives, other stimulants)

Diet plans actually slow your metabolism.

Thus the YO-YO effect.

The foundation of a diet plan to work can be defined in three simple steps:  1: keep the muscles you have 2: burn the fat you do not need 3: lose the inches you do not want.  If your diet plan does not offer these steps as the foundation then your diet is not going to work, at least not for long and/or be detrimental to your long term health.

There is an obesity epidemic in the United States today.  In 1980 35 percent of Americans were overweight to obese.  Today, 46 billion dollars later and hundreds of diets later, more than 65 percent of Americans are overweight.  Yet everyday, as indicated earlier we are bombarded with diet plans.  People are using these diet plans to no avail.  The weight loss business is a multi-billion dollar industry yet no one can lose weight!  

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