Weight Loss with Non Fat Foods? More is NOT Better!


Studies show that most Americans are fifteen percent fatter today than they were in the early nineties. Wouldn’t you think with all the non-fat foods on the store shelves that maybe we would be losing weight verses gaining it ? There are two reasons for this: one is physiological and the other is psychological.

Empty Calories: I like to use the phrase empty calories when it comes to non-fat
foods. In most cases, in order to be able to label a food non-fat, most of the fats in
it must be taken out. DA! However, the body uses fats as a mechanism to burn more
fat. In other words, fat is used as a fuel in the body. If you take out certain types of
fats out from the food,the body loses its efficiency to burn fat. This slows down the
metabolism. While on the surface you think that you are doing yourself a favor by
eating non-fat foods. However, where people make the mistake is a big portion of
their daily diets consist of non fat types of foods.

Tip: While cutting down fats in your diet are essential, do not go over board in
consuming non-fat foods. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

Less is not more: Well, these cookies have zero fat in them, so that means I can eat
twice as many and not get as fat? Have you every played that head game with
yourself? Most of us have. We justify that if a food has less fat or no fat then we can
eat more of it. NOT TRUE; IT STILL HAS CALORIES. Do not forget the basic principle
to keeping your weight down; calories in – calories out!

Tip: Just because it says, “NO FAT” does not give you a permission slip to eat twice
as much. Empty calories can be harder to burn off than good fat calories.

The key to weight loss is balancing good fats with your total daily intake. Plus

In the case of food or exercise, having the attitude of doing more or eating more
can have a more devastating effect on your ability to lose weight long term than
anything. Work on your unwanted behaviors first and maybe you will not look at
non-fat foods like they are manna from Heaven.

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