Weight Loss – Steps to Healthy Permanent Weight Loss


10 Steps to Healthy Permanent Weight Loss

1. Research different diet plans and make decisions based your health needs and input from your doctor or nutritionist. Also consider the credentials of the person or corporation that is promoting the diet. Is the diet healthy?

2. Combine different diet plans if necessary. It’s not as important to stick to one diet plan as it is to find an eating plan you can live with.

Example: I had a major amount of weight to lose and researched methods on the web. I had to relearn proper eating habits from one plan and later combined that with concepts from another that I found was valid. Continually change your eating habits to reflect new research.

3. Buy a pedometer. My goal was 12,000 steps per day and reached that easily in my job as an ER nurse. Do you realize how many miles that is? I measured my stride and when it was calculated, it was five miles per night! Occasionally I had to make the effort to reach that goal, but it was well worth it!

4. Drink water! If you can’t drink eight glasses per day, at least drink four. It tastes better if you add lemon or lime slices.

5. Be flexible! It’s not critical that you follow a certain diet plan to the letter. The important point is that you continually lose weight and do it in a healthy way. Change your eating plan as you learn about your body and it’s needs.

6. Set realistic goals. – Instead of a 10# weight loss in a month, set goals regarding your eating plan, continuing to see the scale go down, or starting an exercise program. Use SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited.

7. Realize that calories count. If you continually take in more calories than you expend, you will gain weight. Period. There isn’t an eating plan devised that you can lose weight on by eating all you want, especially if you had an appetite like mine!

8. When you set up your eating plan, first plan the calories for your necessities – your dairy, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein – then add your treats or desired foods. Make following this a daily habit.

9. Increase your activity and start an exercise or activity plan – whether it be walking or sports – anything that burns calories or increases cardiovascular health.

10. Take into consideration other health issues you have such as diet changes for hypertension, diabetes or lowering cholesterol.

Think of these as lifestyle changes, which they are! Don’t expect perfection out of yourself but make constant, persistent movement toward your final goal: a healthier, more attractive body!

Cathy Gariety is a Registered Nurse and enjoys writing. She writes for various blogs and has maintained a journal for most of her adult life.

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