Weight-Loss Secrets: The 3 Meal Lie / The Fat Maker & Heart Killer


Welcome to Weight-Loss Secrets. This article series is going to consist of common sense conclusions that can be derived from current research and generally accepted facts.

I won’t waste your time like the scientists that took 2 years to determine that eating fast food makes you fat (duuuh). At times you may find a lot of these topics VERY theoretical but since I don�t have millions to dump into proving the obvious we’ll just have to act ahead of science and wait for the studies to catch up to common sense 20 years from now.

Want a sample of these common sense health conclusions?

Sure you do……


3 meals sounds logical. You’ve heard it all your life. Hell, you’ve eaten 3 square meals all your life. But Why!?

Bet you’ve never really given it any thought have you? What�s more natural than bacon, eggs and sausage with some flapjacks in the morning? A hamburger for lunch and a nice steak for dinner?

That doesn�t sound sooooo… bad does it?

Except for the fact that it’s the exact opposite of YOUR nature!!

Think about it. Humans have been around for millions of years (or 6,000 depending on your religious beliefs) and for the majority of that existence it required you to catch your own dinner or you wouldn’t eat.

Think about that for 1 second and the natural eating plan starts to become clear. If you were a caveman you would get up in the morning and prepare to hunt for today�s dinner. Meat was planned to be that evenings feast.

Meat wasn�t there for breakfast or lunch and dinner was a real maybe. Until the lucky hunter caught meat he ate things that were a lot easier to catch – fruits and vegetables!

So a typical day would have the hunter rising and eating nuts, berries, veggies or fruit (slow-release carbs that provide continuous energy for the hunt).

During the day the hunter could turn to these same items to stave off hunger and keep him fueled for the fight without making him sleepy.

An end of day successful hunt would provide meat and a feast!

And so it basically went for millions of years….

Can you imagine teleporting a caveman raised like that to present day America and letting him eat at your table? What do you think would happen to him when fed your diet of non-stop meat and between meal snacks? Of course he’d get fat as a pig!

We’ll the jokes on you. You are that caveman. Your genes and his share over 99% of the same DNA. You body reacts just like his would in today�s toxic environment.

If I was a caveman you’d better believe that I wouldn’t be getting up 3 times a day and chasing down some animal just because its time to eat. My family line probably discovered that plants were edible.

I know I would have. When cavewife tried to get me up for the breakfast hunt I’d have snatched the nearest plant ate it, took a couple chews, taste it. Ummmmm, tastes good. I’m not sick. Here baby, eat this and give some to the kids. Wake me up for the next hunt….

See? It doesn�t make sense. It really seems natural that we would only have to hunt and eat meat once a day and really the body is probably adapted to comfortably going without meat for days at a time.

Evolution hasn�t adapted us to live in today�s food world and probably wont for another couple million years.

The answer is to eat more like our genetic ancestors if we want improved weight control energy and health.

Heart disease is the #1 killer – 98%+ of those deaths can be attributed to plaque buildups that cause blockages leading to heart attack and stroke. – You were born with clean arteries how did they get so blocked?

Maybe it has something to do with the food we eat. Which raises another point. In the early 1900’s a doctor could go his entire career and never see a heart attack.

Huh! Well, what’s so different today? Could processed and fast-food have anything to do with it? Hmmm…..

America on verge of obesity epidemic – Heart blockages #1 killer


Think there’s a link?

Could it be that we’re eating too much meat with saturated fat that’s clogging our arteries and leading to heart disease and stroke?

Especially when you consider that primitive man (you) wasn’t built to processed massive amounts of meat and chemicals that don�t exist in nature.

Seems logical, it just hasn�t been studied and proven yet.

I have decided not to wait for the study (and the possibility of becoming a fatal statistic) and draw logical conclusions and take pro-health action.

I have seen the positive results of these steps in my own life and this blog is my way to share these findings with you.

Common sense science you can live with.

In my next article I’ll show you how I easily work this tidbit of info into my daily life. Follow natures plan and you can practically eat all day to keep your energy up and avoid hunger without having to do anything weird like count calories, carbs or fat grams.

In the future I’ll share other health vanity issues like how to eliminate/reduce puffy eyes, EZ exercise programs and more.


Jarvis McCrary researches and writes extensively about natural weight-loss and anti-aging techniques. His latest book ‘The Science Diet’ and article archive is available at [http://www.the-science-diet.com]

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