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Weight loss is not easy. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! A healthy diet and exercise are the keys to permanent weight loss. But nobody says you can’t enjoy your life to the fullest by taking care of yourself, eating delicious wholesome foods and making exercise an enjoyable part of your day. There are plenty of fun weight loss products that can help you reach your ultimate goal. If you’re ready to get started on the path to permanent weight loss, there weight loss products that might make your journey easier. Here’s a guide to the weight loss equipment you’ll want to invest in:

1. A Great Scale

Most people consider their bathroom scale to be enemy number one. But you don’t need to weigh yourself everyday in order to achieve weight loss. And you don’t need to be afraid of the numbers on your scale. Think of your scale as a guide to show you what weight loss techniques work and which ones don’t. While your scale may never be your best friend, it can be a useful weight loss product that will keep you on track and keep you honest.

2. Fun Exercise Equipment

We’ve all wasted money on thigh masters, AB rollers, and other weight loss gadgets that did nothing more than empty our wallets, and collect dust under our beds. Don’t fall for gadgets and gimmicks, but don’t skimp on buying the tools you will need to make your weight loss permanent. If you love to listen to music while you walk, buy a good portable stereo and invest in some tunes that will keep you motivated. If you prefer to exercise in front of the TV, buy a gym mat that will remind you to get moving when the commercials come on.

3. An Inspirational Weight Loss Book

There are thousands and thousands of weight loss guide books that each have their own method and regime. If you find one that works for you, great. If not, skip the guide books and look for a truly inspirational weight loss story. Ask you friends, family, and neighbors to recommend a book that would fit with your lifestyle and reading preferences. Remember, this book should not be a guide book at all, but it should be a story, fact or fiction, about someone who successfully loses weight. This story will give you inspiration when you hit a low point and it will give you motivation to envision your goals. I recommend “Conquering Weight Loss Using Natural Methods” at http://www.weightlossobesity.com.

4. Dumbells

Dumbells may have the same status in your home as the bathroom scale or weight loss books. But these weight loss products can be a valuable tool for achieving your goals. Studies have shown that people who achieve permanent weight loss success weight train two to three days per week to maintain muscle tone and boost their metabolism. You don’t need to “feel the burn” or to become a bodybuilder. But incorporating weights into your exercise program can greatly improve your chances of achieving weight loss success.

5. An Alarm Clock

The same scientific studies that have shown that weight training is critical to permanent weight loss, also proved that people who were most successful at achieving their weight loss goals tend to get up early. You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn, but if you are trying to squeeze in exercise at the end of the day you will often find that it simply doesn’t happen. Get up just a half hour earlier than normal and get your exercise out of the way before you have a chance to wake up and think of a reason to skip it!

Permanent weight loss is a lifelong commitment. But just as you wouldn’t want your other daily activities to be boring, a healthy diet and exercise program need to stay interesting if we are going to stay on track. Invest in weight loss products that will keep you motivated to eat healthy and exercise everyday. You’ll find that the investment pays off in dollars and in pounds!

Don’t fall for gimmicks! Here’s a few weight loss products to avoid:

Pills, books, and other products that promise rapid success without any lifestyle changes. There are no short cuts to healthy weight loss. There are products that can help you along the way, but be wary of any product that promises to do the work for you.

Weight loss Club Products: There are plenty of reputable weight loss centers and resources that offer free consultations and assistance with meal planning and exercise programs. Don’t get wedged in to a program that forces you to diet by eating only meals or services that can be purchased from them. This is not a lifelong solution to weight loss.

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