Weight Loss Pills vs Weight Loss Clinics


Let’s just pretend for just a minute that both the weight loss companies

and the weight loss clinics were looking out for our well being.

Remember, we are pretending.

Ok, first up is the weight loss companies. If, in fact they were looking out for us

why is it that 89% of all dieters regain all of their weight back and then some.

Is it just a quick fix, or is it our fault. Well I am going to point the finger at both.

The weight loss companies do not ( I don’t think )want us to keep off the weight.

First and foremost, if everyone kept off the weight, would they still be in business?

Next up are the Weight Loss Clinics. Again the age old question needs to be

addressed. Are they looking out for our well being, or are they looking to make a quick

buck? Well, let’s not use hearsay. Let’s examine the numbers. Again 89% off all dieters

regain all of their weight. These numbers can not be disputed. So where are the

answers? Is it in the pill, or is it in the clinic. The pill promises quick weight loss by

taking a pill. The clinic promises weight loss by adjusting your diet. Who is right?

Neither. Neither answer is right. Neither answer is wrong. Sort of a catch 22.

The weight loss pill, if produced correctly with the right ingredients will promote

fat loss through thermogenesis. Thermogenesis simply means the production of heat.
With increased heat or temperature comes the burning of calories. Along with
a high quality weight loss pill or Advanced energy product comes more energy.
Have you ever had too much energy. Yea, me neither. What we need to remember
is that a body in motion stays in motion. The more energy we have to burn,
the more inclined we are to stay active. Hence more calories burned.
And since weight loss is quite simply a matter of burning more calories than you are
taking in. It is much easier to do when we are full of energy. Along with more energy comes the feeling of happiness.
Another characteristic that we would all be happy to have. However just taking this powerful pill wont cut it. You have to have a plan. And one that you can stick to.

Now the Weight Loss Clinics are not completely wrong either. They focus on
your food intake, and the taking of your money. They provide a sensible
nutritional plan which you get charged for. But, it stops there. Neither provides a solution.
A solution that aims to fix the problem. Not just put a patch over it.
How about giving us a complete program. One that will transform our bodies and minds.
One that has and will transform every body, if the correct amount of time is put in.
Nothing is free. You get out of it what you put into it. That I can guarantee.
You can not cheat the system of checks and balances. The universal laws will always win.

So you’re probably wondering since they are both right and they are both wrong.
What’s missing. Good question, and an even better answer.
They are both missing the solution. The plan. The problem still remains. How am I going
to lose the extra weight that I have right now!
Space is limited here. But, if you are interested in finding the answer that is backed by clinical data feel free to visit my web page.

So if your doing either of these or both, you are still
missing the key to permanent weight loss. The science behind it all.
There are formulas for everything. Our job is simply to find it and follow them.
I myself have been fortunate to have studied and trained from the best.
My mentor is a 8x World Champion Power Lifter from Pennsylvania.
Though I have been involved in Nutrition for over 14 years, I have literally
learned more in a year from my friend Charles than I had learned by myself
in 14 yrs. Again he is an Olympic caliber athlete. So the training he has seen
ran circles around mine. Live and learn. As I said, find the best information
out their and follow it to a T.
Good luck and happy training.

Joshua Carson is an Author, Freelance writer and Founder of Sybs. Technologies inc. A company dedicated to natural energy products. With his 14 years of hands on experience in dealing with world class athletes, he has taught as well as learned from the best the world has to offer.

For more information and some free downloads feel free to visit my web page or click here now [http://www.thermoloss3-diet.com]

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